The Saga Continues

Oh my goodness! I am so overwhelmed by the amount of kitty love coming our way. Thank you ALL! My friend, Hilary, over at Feeling Beachie, put the word out and now Buddy is a rock star of sorts on CatBlogosphere! They even made a blog button (see it at the top left) for him!

We brought Buddy home last night from the Emergency Vet Services as they were just watching him and not really doing anything for him at this point. He was happy to be “home” and snuggled right in with me on the couch. His breathing is still faster than normal but not labored like it was. We have started giving him Rutin and put him on a low fat diet (something we ALL need ) 🙂 and are hoping and praying for the best. The research on chylothorax is not very plentiful and it is contradictory so we are not really sure where this will go. The prognosis ranges from grave to fair and since we are unsure what the cause is we can’t really know if we have the right thing treated at this point. Buddy has seen 5 different vets at this point and they are all working together on his case so I think we are doing all that we can for him. I am just glad to have him home.

Holly, on the other hand, is being utterly ridiculous. She will not stop hissing at him. She had to go into the time out room last night for the night because I just couldn’t have her being all hissy and mean to poor Buddy! This morning I had hoped there would be some resolution but of course not…she is being a nut case because he “smells” different. GET OVER IT! I have enough on my plate –I don’t need a hissy cat, too!

Thanks to all who have prayed for Buddy. And for me! 🙂 I am trying to be optimistic. Your support and love helps. Who would have thought I would be so attached to a furry thing???


  1. Keeping Buddy & your family in our purrayers. Holly, too. She is afraid and doesn’t understand. It’s good Buddy is home, though! Hugs to you all!

    • Thank you, McGuffy Ann!!!! I am hoping she figures it out pretty soon!!! 🙂 It is kind of funny but silly at the same time, you know? Keep the prayers coming!!!

  2. Mcguffy ann makes a vey good point. Holly is probably worried to, and her hissing is the only way she can express herself. Hang in there, you are all in our thoughts

  3. Hmm, we think any of the commenters would have thought you could be so attached to a furry. 🙂

    We’re glad Buddy is home. His sister will stop hissing after a while.

    Sending more purrs and woofs.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope his sister stops hissing!! It is kind of driving me nuts!!! 🙂 Thanks for the purrs and woofs and kind words–those help me a lot!

  4. Glad Buddy is home relaxing… I think, just like with us humans, any animal is more relaxed in their own surroundings. We will keep thinking of him and hope he will get better fast.

  5. Their fur with their unique personalities is what make cats so cute and get into our hearts, of course you are attached to both your cats! It’s perfectly understandable.

  6. Oh I think we can all relate to being attached to a furry thing…..

  7. Hang in there, Holly. That kittie might smell noo, but in a day or two you should figure out he’s you old buddy, Buddy.

    Still purrrrrrrring for Budd, Holly, and their Mom Beth Ann.

  8. I think Holly is mad at him for leaving like that, and how she was so worried about him…Oh, maybe only humans do that. 🙂 Glad your family is back together.

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