Times They Are A Changing

I was just thinking that times have changed.  I make no bones about my age.  I am 51 going on 52.  If you ask my brother in law, Carlton, he would pinpoint my birthday down to the minute—no grace period from him!  He has the ability to tell you when Christmas will be next year–what day it falls on, when his birthday is, etc.  If I have  a date related question I go to him.  But I digress.

With the passage of time comes change.  Some big, some little, some gentle, some harsh and some come like a thief in the night and surprise the heck out of you.  Today I read about a change at my beloved Alma Mater, Ohio Northern University.   Gone are the days of trudging in the snow and ice downtown to get a little snack. No more trips to Gardner’s Drug store for cold medicine and hangover remedies.  (Not for me—NEVER !  Believe me, Mother!) No more treks to the edge of town to stock up on food stuffs at the IGA (now Community Grocery).  There is no need.  You see, Kroger has installed a Shop24 robotic convenience store on campus.

The 9 foot tall structure takes up about a 10 x 13 foot space and accepts debit, credit, cash, SNAP and even student meal plan cards!!!  It can dispense items ranging from less than an ounce up to 8 pounds!!!  I say AMAZING!  It carries all kinds of products from food to cleaning items, snacks,  beverages, even refrigerated meals make the list of things that can be bought at this robotic machine.

What are those poor ONU students going to miss by having this amazing thing right out their door?  Freezing walks in sub zero temperatures, that is what!   I say GOOD JOB, KROGER!  But where were you 30 years ago?



  1. You had me…I was all nostalgic and ready to feel weepy…and then you had me laughing! Great post!

    • Oh McGuffy Ann—I am so glad I am unpredictable!!! I know I have posted a lot of weepy inducing posts as of late so I guess I can understand how you were gearing up for yet another heart wrenching post! 🙂 Glad I could make you laugh today instead!!! Have a great day!

  2. I need Carlton…I can never remember if I’m 37 or 38 or 39…I know it is in the upper 30s.

  3. Amazing! What a great idea!

  4. Lol… times sure do change, don’t they? I’m always amazed by how different things are for my kids then for me when i was their age… of course, I was also living in a different country back then. But it still amazes me!!!

    • Things are incredibly different these days, I agree. When I think back to what I have seen over the past 50 years and the changes it boggles my mind!

  5. The really good part is that you don’t have to deal with a grumpy, incompetent, rude, _____, ______, (add your own adjectives there) clerk, who should think about a career in anything else, but the service industry..lol Kind of reminds me of the neighborhood store that we used to have here in New England, without the grumpy, incompet..well you know.

  6. I am the same way somedays I think I am 27 some 29 others 28. I always have to do the math. I want one of those little machines.

  7. Becky Miracle says:

    Oh how neat!

  8. Helen Brown says:

    If you think ONU has changed, you should have been there in the 50’s. I want to go and visit thist year if possible and see all the new buildings.

  9. I’m with Chrystal, but I might be a little bit older…forget the pantry, put one of these in my backyard!

  10. Pretty convenient–I never saw one of those!

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