Self Control?? Not!

It’s time for Hilary’s Follow Friday Four Fill In’s blog hop or the 4F Hop as I call it!!! Hilary at Feeling Beachie gives us 4 statements to fill in the blanks.  She usually has a cohost and this week it is Sarah from The Mama Pirate.  Join in by going to her blog and adding your link or just see what everyone else answers.  This week’s statements:

1. ________ is not my strongest virtue.

2. _________ is my favorite meal of the day

3. ___________ is my ____________

4. Whenever ____________ happens, I always _____________.


My answers:

1. Self Control is not my strongest virtue.  Sad to admit it but it is true.  Especially when it comes to eating.  

2. Dinner is my favorite meal of the day.

3. Adding to my cardmaking/scrapping supplies is my downfall.  I now have too much that I am not sure where or how to store it all so there is going to be a major revamping of my office/craft room when I get back to Iowa. (This is a pretty cool system and for a mere $1695 it can be YOURS.  I think it is a little much for me but it is pretty darn cool.)

4.Whenever I can’t think of something to blog about happens, I always search the internet for news items or blog prompts.  (That was a stretch but I couldn’t think of anything!!!)  

Join in the fun!!!  



  1. I have no self control when it comes to books.

  2. I couldn’t think of anything “interesting” for number 4 either 🙂 and yours is a lot better than my answer!!!… and when it comes to food I have no self-control whatsoever. I could never ever go on a diet!!!!

  3. Helen Brown says:

    I have no control when I am reading a good book or when I am making my greeting cards.

  4. #4 was REALLY hard! And I have to agree that I have no self-control either. Especially when it comes to food and books.

  5. I love your answers… they’re not lame……!
    And I do like that filing system… a bit overkill…. but nice!

  6. I have no self control when it comes to shoes (shocking, huh?

  7. Dinner looks yummy. 🙂

  8. Joseph Alsarraf says:

    That looks good, I wouldn’t be able to control my eating if that was what I had for dinner. I love asparagus. : )

  9. I also search the net for blog ideas. Happy Friday and thanks for visiting

  10. thank you for stopping by….I am now following you


  11. I do my scrapping digital, but I’d love a smaller version of that system for my other crafting supplies…and a handy holster for my glue gun. 🙂

    • They do have smaller versions—-they have some pretty amazing stuff but it is pretty expensive PLUS you have to assemble. I would have to bribe my husband to do that!

  12. Hmm, I don’t know, is cleaning a virtue? It’s definitely not my strongest suit! That’s why I have a husband who is a cleaning machine.

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