Tea Brick Tuesday

Taking a week off from Teapot Tuesday to showcase one of my Christmas presents.  When Chris went to China the last time he bought me a tea brick.  I have always thought it would be pretty neat to have one and now I do!!!  It is almost too pretty to use but I think I will eventually use it for what it is made for!



Want to know more about tea bricks? Check out this article on Wikipedia!



  1. B EEEEE autiful!

  2. Fascinating! How could I be a lifelong tea drinker and never know about them?

    • Really???? You cut or chip a hunk off –not sure how great I will be at it but it is worth a try!!! Tea bricks were used for a lot of different things including currency which makes sense.

  3. I had to read the article right away. I’m a big tea nut. . . Love, love, love loose leaf tea. Never heard of this. It is so interesting. I hope, you will enjoy it. It’s so pretty. I would hate to break it up. . .But eventually you have to try, right ?

  4. That is so neat! I remember my dad got it from his business associate and I thought itw as gross – I was 7 at the time 🙂 but now I think it’s a neat thing.

  5. I’ve never heard of this, off to check it out!

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