I’m On The List

I am on the list.  Not just one list.  EVERYONE’S list!  Logged on to check email and I had around 232 new emails that came in overnight.  Now mind you—I am really not that popular!  I wish I was!!!Out of those emails there were probably about 10 that were blog subscription emails of bloggers I follow .   I do better reading those who actually have that “subscription email button ” on their blog.  That is why that is the only thing I use on mine—it is just easier for me to get the actual email when someone writes a new post.  My Google reader is most likely in the thousands by now—I just am not good at checking it.

There was one personal email and the rest, yes, about 221 were stores wanting my business.  Some are physical stores, some are online stores, and some I can’t really figure out what they are but they are all trying to sell me something. Did they not see the haul I got yesterday???  Do they not understand that I have one suitcase and plan to keep it that way upon my return home???   Evidentially not.

I really need to unsubscribe from a few but that does not always work.  Once you buy something from one of these places you are in the system.  Christmas is a prime time for that because most of my shopping was done online—so now I am getting massive emails from Best Buy, Banana Republic, JCrew, Amazon, Kohl’s, Penney’s, Brooks Brothers, Express and the list goes on and on and on.  You get the idea.

So I am open for suggestions.  How do I get rid of all of these?  I know I can go to each one and unsubscribe for each but that is going to take time.  Sigh.   What a pain, huh?   Well, I am off to start the day—-hey wait—a Fab.com email just came in …now I have to check THAT one!!!

Happy Boxing Day!


  1. Well at least its for store emails. I have been getting all the enlargement emails and winning the lottery and the princely emails. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

    • Oh….good point!!! I guess I have managed to skip the enlargement emails–thank goodness!!!! I did have a wonderful Christmas–it is still going on !!! 🙂

  2. You said exactly what I have been thinking. I very much agree with you…about the emails, stores, “subscribe to email” button, etc. Life gets so crazy, and technology is such a necessary evil, now. My intentions are always good, but you know what they say about that…*lol*.

  3. I expect to see that many in my inbox tomorrow morning when I return to work 😦 At least these you can delete… Times like these it is good to have multiple email accounts. I try to delete subscriptions as soon as they start for stores, etc, if I am not intersted to avoid a project later…..

    • I definitely delete! Most without even looking. The boys are always on me about how many emails I have stacked up but some days I just can’t keep up with them. They keep telling me “archive, archive”!!! Which I do. But still! I have thought about a separate account for online ordering, etc. but I like to streamline things and that does not fit into the streamlined plan! 🙂

  4. I am the same way when it comes to “subscribe by e-mail”. I love it that way. I rarely check my reader… I try to have things in one place as well, but it doesn’t always work. Hope you figure out how to get rid of some of those store e-mails at least. Good luck!!! 🙂 Happy Monday and Boxing Day.

    • I always have such great intentions of keeping up but then I miss one day and I am back where I started!!! It is frustrating!!! Maybe I will do better in 2012~~~

  5. I am having the same problem with the stores’ email today. Hopefully they will slow down by the weekend. I go through the list daily (same for the Reader) and do a bulk delete. Just keep those that I actually want to read, it makes things more manegeable.

  6. I hear ya! I think I have the same problem. Although from time to time I do find a great deal on those store email! 🙂

  7. Just mark those emails from stores as “spam” so they don’t come into your inbox. You can always check your spam folder whenever you actually want to shop for something.

  8. I know! I’ve got to get busy unsubscribing.

  9. I know right after Thanksgiving I’m going to get an email a day from anywhere I’ve ever done online business. Some are good deals, but most go by way of the delete button. It’s rather a nuisance, though.

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