Teapot Tuesday –Another Christmas Pot!



  1. Do you keep all the Christmas ones together or do you like to mix them up?

    • Most of them are in one area in the hutch but I do have a few sprinkled around…..and sometimes I pull them out during Christmas to use as decorations on tables and stuff. I know–I am so wild, huh?? 🙂

  2. as my 2 year old keeps saying everytime I have to drag her to do my Christmas shopping: “I want it.” 🙂

  3. Hand wash only??? Is that singular? How do you wash only one hand? I’m so confused. And why do they care if you wash your hand(s) they’re not coming for tea..Are they? lol.

  4. Another pretty pot!

  5. So pretty!

  6. Love this one. It would go really pretty with a pair of mugs I have!!! 🙂

  7. another lovely pot

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