Life is Good

I was feeling a bit verklempt yesterday.  I love that word.  My boss, Mark, wrote me a note the day after I told him that I was leaving because the hubby got a different job.  The note said that he would always feel a little verklempt when he saw a Starbucks because that is where I broke up with him.   Well, I know what that feeling is.

We took Chris’s brother, Carlton, to live with his sister yesterday.  It is all part of the plan and all of you have helped me along the way with dealing with all that has happened this year as a result of Chris’s dad’s illness and death.  I got kind of choked up on the drive just because there is some finality to all of this.  I know he is going to be fine.  I know he is still a part of our lives and will always be but the responsibility has shifted and quite frankly my emotions surprised me. As Chris said, I am a mom.  My best role in life ever.  And I was a mom to him for awhile. So the feelings were flooding in.

And then it was on to celebrate Christmas with my family at my sister’s house and it was wonderful.  It is harder to get everyone here at one time with jobs and folks living in about 8 different states.  So we did what we could with who we could. We Skyped with some that could not be with us.  And we enjoyed being together.  And we ate.  And ate.  Yum.

My husband was so happy to find the perfect gift for our new baby great niece.

Chris and Hopper

And it was wonderful to see the 4 generations of women in our family!

Paula, Mother, Carla and Harper Adelle

Aunt Beth Ann and Harper

Somehow being around my family helped me a bit with the sadness of letting go of Carlton.  Life is good!!!


  1. What a cutie.What is it about a newborn that just makes you melt??? I’m glad you enjoyed the time with your family after dropping Carlton off. Have a great week and a wonderful time in Florida for the holidays.

  2. verklempt is a great word, and it says it all… I know how hard it all is… you have had a very difficult year, and sometimes the emotions we feel surprise us… Hang in there… and wow, what a beautiful family… hugs…

  3. Verklempt is a fabulous world. I wish you joy over the holidays and the coming year.

  4. Had to visit the dictionary. 🙂 Yes, I like the word “verklempt” too, but not feeling it. Glad to see you had a diversion for a bit.

  5. Awww.. the newborn is so cute!!! Congrats!! And yes, I agree, life is good, it’s not perfect but God does bless us all. 🙂
    Ok, “Verklempt” what is that mean? Seriously? hehehe… I’m having trouble with regular English words! 🙂

    • It means overcome with emotion. It really is a great word. It really is!!! You need to add this one to your vocab, Sendie Lou!!! Have missed you!!!! Merry Christmas!

  6. Helen Brown says:

    I have been wishing for a baby to hold and I got my wish. Harper is such a sweet baby and everyone was happy to get a chance to hold her. We all are blessed to have her in our family,

  7. Aren’t babies just the best?

    Wow, I’m going to have to sort through back issues to find out what is going on. You quit your job? Are you moving?

    I’m glad your plan for Carlton is working out and moving along. I’m sure he’s in good hands. It must be so hard for all of you with your father-in-law gone.

    • Nah—I wasn’t working! We just relocated to Ohio to help out with the house and Carlton and will be heading back to Iowa in January sometime. Things are moving along and it is just the next step!!!

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