Cozy Fires and Sleeping Top the List!

One of my favorite blog hops ever is the one that Hilary sponsors every week on Fridays.  Hilary lists 4 statements on her blog Feeling Beachie and lets us all join in the fun by filling in the blanks.  Hop on over there and see what everyone else is saying this week.  Here we go!

This week’s statements:


1.       ____ is my ideal winter night.

2.       I don’t remember the last time I ___ but, I really want to.

3.       I will never turn down __________

4.      To save money I like to ____________

My Answers:

1.       A candlelight dinner, cats curled up beside us, fireplace going and my husband next to me on the couch is my ideal winter night.  

2. I don’t remember the last time I actually slept through the entire night without waking up, but I really want to.

3. I will never turn down chocolate. 

S'mores cookies!!! Recipe under recipes on sidebar!

4. To save money I like to buy in bulk but sometimes it can get a little ridiculous for just two people.



Hop on over and say hi to Hilary!!!


  1. Love the cat photo! We also bulk buy. The movers kept staring at us when they moved tons of bathroom supplies. And who in the heck turns down chocolate? Are they crazy!

    • I don’t buy as much as I once did when the boys were home but my mom always shopped the sales and stocked up so I guess I kind of learned that from her! And chocolate–heck yea!!!!

  2. We don’t buy in bulk because we don’t have much storage space for extra stuff.

    Sounds like the perfect winter night to me too.

    I used to sleep straight through the night all the time but not anymore–those hot flashes wake me up! Sometimes I get stiff if I stay in one position now–I used to be able to sleep on my back all night long. Those were the days!

  3. Good answers! I buy some things in bulk and others in 2 for 1 sales…I like to keep a good stock of the items we use.
    Mama Bear

    • Hey Mama Bear—thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree—I like to do the 2 for 1 sales, too!!! It is a great way to have things on hand when you need them!!! Happy Friday!

  4. bulk buying is a habit I had to break after the kids moved away!

  5. Shopping in bulk for paper products is a huge help. I really wish we had the space to purchase more in bulk just to keep us from having to go to the store often. It would be awesome, if we could get diary home service delivery like in the old days at very reasonable prices. I’d sign on for that in a heart beat!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a winter night 🙂 & for me to have a full night sleep would be nearly impossible since I am a night owl & I dj outside of my regular job here at the food bank. I agree with “TBM”, what woman in her right mind would ever turn down chocolate???? lol And buying in bulk is a great idea to save money however, it is just me, so there would be a lot of extras to last me a looooooong time 😀

    P.S. That photo of the cat is awesome! lol

    • Thanks, Alicia!! This is just a fun blog hop I do every week so I am glad to have you join in and share with me what you are thinking!!! And buying in bulk is a little silly for one person—I agree. By the time you get to it some of it may not be good—-unless it is paper products!!! 🙂

  7. We try to do a Costco trip once a month or so… with 5 of us at home it makes sense. Love, love, love chocolate… the German kind is and I think, will always be my favorite!!! 🙂

  8. LOL about the cat picture. Too funny! We’re only two people, too. I’m always looking to buy in bulk but it doesn’t pay for just the two of us.

  9. Helen Brown says:

    I like cats as you know and I love your picture of the sleeping cat. They seem to be able to sleep anytime, anywhere.

  10. Bulk is so convenient for often used items and non-perishables.

  11. OMG, I agree with ALL your answers… Sleeping through the night? What is that Love the picture! And buying in bulk, Marc and I do a weekly costco run (enough said?)

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