Teapot Tuesday!

How cute is this guy???  Snow tea, anyone?????



  1. Pretty darn cute! Where do you keep all of them!

  2. Just my husband. 🙂 But then my problems may not be limited to teapot collecting……

  3. Isn’t it a bit oxymoronish? A snowman tea kettle..would it not melt when put on the stove. It is cute though. lol.

    • I see I have to educate you here—this is a teapot . You pour water into the teapot. A teakettle is what you use to boil the water that you pour into the teapot. Either way you are correct—-the snowman would melt. Good call! 🙂

  4. New meaning to ice tea?

  5. First words out of my mouth when I saw this…”Awwww…”. I’m slightly jealous. I have a bunch of teapots and every time I see one I want to get it. I may have to start a competing collection!!! :)… but first I have to figure out how to hide them from hubby.

  6. All these teapots, but none you can actually use for tea. . .

  7. Becky Miracle says:

    AH…he is SO cute! I love him! It would be really easy for me to get into collecting tea pots….IF I only I liked tea! Guess I’ll stick to my churches.

  8. Indeed!! very cute!!

  9. Cute one for winter. You sure have a lot of these!

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