Christmas in China–Wordless Wednesday

I find it interesting that everywhere my husband has gone in China he has seen the words “Merry Christmas”.  In the US everywhere you go you see “Happy Holidays” .   Odd?  I think so.



  1. yeah, I think odd too… amazing how politically correct we are 🙂

  2. In London they say Happy Christmas.

  3. Agreed…very odd!

  4. It’s so important to be politically correct nowadays… the other day they were discussing this on the morning show I listen to.

    • It does seem to be where we are headed as a country—-so careful not to offend anyone and in the process sometimes we lose our way. In my humble opinion, of course!

  5. Very nice Beth Ann. I am so glad you posted this today…Merry Christmas USA..

  6. Now this is interesting….especially in a country where everyone is NOT Chritian!

    • Brenda, It just struck me as an interesting thing. When Chris asked the Chinese folks why they indicated it was about making the money…guess all countries are alike on that!

  7. Becky Miracle says:

    We live in a country that is too busy worrying about everyone’s rights without remembering how this country started and the basis for those rights we enjoy today. I say Happy Holidays sometimes so that it is all inclusive of both Christmas and New Years, but not because I am against saying Merry Christmas. I also don’t like hearing employees being told they can’t say Merry Christmas, after all what happened to freedom of speech? Which I guess comes back to personal preference of what each person is comfortable in saying. So I say, “MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!”

    • What you say is very true. I don’t like the idea of someone being told what they can or cannot say. While I do not want to offend anyone I also want to say what I want to say and I agree with you! Merry Christmas to all!

  8. Whatever the reason, I like seeing “Merry Christmas.”

  9. Very interesting! It will always be “Merry Christmas” for me!

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