Comments for a Cause…..Food and More Food!

So excited for this month's reveal for Comments for a Cause!!!  I had a great month for comments and met a lot of great folks associated with West Ohio Food Bank.  There are so many folks that are associated with them --either as employees or volunteers---and it was wonderful to be a small part of their world for a month!!!  During December I received 258 comments so I am donating $129 to West Ohio Food Bank. I decided as I wrote this to bump it up to $150 just because! They do a great job and … [Read more...]

Final Countdown!

Later tonight I will be posting the results of Comments for a Cause for December!!! Woo hoo!! The West Ohio Food Bank is going to get some money because of YOU!  Thanks to all who have taken the time to comment on posts during this month.  I sincerely thank you and I know that the folks who are helped through this food bank will also thank you. I will also be "announcing" the cause for January so be sure to check back later to see who/what it will be.  Just a few more hours left in 2011 and … [Read more...]

A Little Hop

It is Follow Friday time over at Feeling Beachie.  Join in the fun and add this fun hop to your blog or just answer the questions below in the comments!  I would love to read them!!! Just a couple more days for Comments for a Cause for the West Ohio Food Bank!!! I want this to be the best month yet so comment away.  Now without further ado...This week’s statements:   1. Lately, I have been feeling  a little___________ 2. I am usually a ­­­­______ 3. ________________________is … [Read more...]

Holiday Fun

We have had such a great time in Jacksonville Beach over Christmas.  Took a bit to get here but once we did it was fabulous.  We rented a condo on the beach from Raney and Steve Hite and I tell you---if you are ever needing a place to stay these folks are the ones to rent from! The condo was so comfortable and they thought of all of the little extras that are needed and appreciated.  We met them and talked to them for a bit this morning and they are just nice people through and through.  I can … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

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Tea Brick Tuesday

Taking a week off from Teapot Tuesday to showcase one of my Christmas presents.  When Chris went to China the last time he bought me a tea brick.  I have always thought it would be pretty neat to have one and now I do!!!  It is almost too pretty to use but I think I will eventually use it for what it is made for!     Want to know more about tea bricks? Check out this article on Wikipedia! … [Read more...]

I’m On The List

I am on the list.  Not just one list.  EVERYONE'S list!  Logged on to check email and I had around 232 new emails that came in overnight.  Now mind you---I am really not that popular!  I wish I was!!!Out of those emails there were probably about 10 that were blog subscription emails of bloggers I follow .   I do better reading those who actually have that "subscription email button " on their blog.  That is why that is the only thing I use on mine---it is just easier for me to get the actual … [Read more...]

My All Time Favorite Christmas Video

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A Child of Love

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There Was Little Joy in Who-Atlanta-ville Last Night

Sometimes plans go awry.  And that is alright.  There was not a lot of joy in Atlanta last night---at least at the airport.  Freakish weather for this time of year put Atlanta in a weird spot. The airport was on Ground Hold or something.  I don't really remember what they called it but all I know is that my Dayton to Atlanta flight was held up.  To the tune of missing my connection to Jacksonville.  So it goes.  Fortunately for me I am married to Mr. Diamond who realized that the rendezvous with … [Read more...]