Wordless Wednesday

Someone left something on the survey marker outside the cemetery at the beach…….



  1. Don’t things like this always make you wonder??? Great shot

    • YES!! And when I moved it to see what the sign was the little lizard dude moved on down the sign. I think you can see him if you look closely. How can you forget your cutoffs??? It was the Bahamas…….

  2. Maybe they didn’t like what the sign said?
    But this is really too funny!

  3. How funny…the things people do!!!

  4. Honey!! Have you seen my favorite cutoffs? I just wore them the other…. Ooopps, Never mind!

  5. Hmmm. There’s a story behind that.

  6. I guess you didn’t see who might be missing their shorts. 🙂

  7. What the? hahaha lol!!

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