South Africa, Forgetfulness, iPhones and Bubble Baths

Hilary, at Feeling Beachie, always hosts a fabulous Friday hop.  I love to see what she comes up with.  Check out her blog here and join in the fun!!!

This week’s statements:

1.       I have never been to ___

2.       I hate to admit it, but sometimes I tend to be ____

3.       If I didn’t have___________________I’d be completely lost

4.       _________________________is always the best feeling at the end of the day

My Answers!!!

1.  I have never been to South Africa but it is my goal to try to go next year to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary if all things work out like we hope.

2.  I hate to admit it but sometimes I tend to be forgetful about important things from my past.  Sad but true.  My memory is not my strong point.

3.  If I didn’t have my iPhone I would be completely lost. And I do mean completely lost.  It has everything I need on it including addresses, my Starbucks mobile card, my Starbucks store finder, my tea timer so I can brew the perfect cup of tea, my Pinterest app, my Words with Friends games, my MUSIC, my RedLaser app, etc.  Would be LOST without it!

4.  A long hot steamy bubble bath is always the best feeling at the end of the day.  Unfortunately there have not been any of those since I left my Iowa home in July….

Stop on over and join in the blog hop fun—Hilary is a great host and comes up with some great statements for us to all fill in the blanks!!!  If you don’t want to join in there – leave me a comment with your answers.  I would love to hear them!!!  Every comment counts towards the Burrito Bikers!!!


  1. I haven’t gone the iPhone route – yet – but am seriously thinking about it.

  2. LOL – that dog in the bath – hilarious!! My husband, who ironically has always made fun of people with them, just got a Blackberry through work. I am still waiting for the day when staying at home with kids gets you such perks. hugs, slobbery kisses and first steps is great and all, but a Starbuck’s locator?? that’s what really gets a mom thru the day!

    • The Starbucks app is the best!! That and my Teavana tea timer that lets me know when my perfect pot of tea is brewed are my two favorites. Oh and Angry Birds….LOL. I miss the slobbery kisses and snotty noses (well maybe not so much THOSE) since my boys are out of the nest —an iPhone can NOT replace those! Happy Friday!

  3. Wow, that picture of you in the bath. I can’t believe you allowed Mr. Beth Ann to take it. I mean really. *teasing*

  4. I am beginning to notice the connection between iPhone and Starbucks….. do you think maybe they are in bed together??? Or are you addicted to both … LOL!!!! and that picture of the dog in the tub…. too tooo tooooooo cutte!!!!!

  5. Joseph Alsarraf says:

    Number 2 is like my sister she always asks me to remember things that happened in her life for her. : )

    • My sister has a fabulous memory—I should ask her more but I have a feeling she may not always remember it the way “I” want it remembered!!! Thanks, Joseph, for stopping by!

  6. I love a nice bubble bath, but never make the time to enjoy one, and then kick myself for not…. I would be lost without my phone too, but I have a droid..

  7. I love the picture of the bath. Doesn’t look a bit like you.

  8. South Africa, I can’t wait to see pictures and hear about that trip! I hope to have an iPhone before long. As soon as we can find out from our present provider if we’re still under contract.

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