Not the Wittiest Post I Have Posted

Thanks to Hilary at Feeling Beachie for her Friday blog hop!   This week I get to co-host which only means that I gave her a couple of questions!!   But what fun it is to see what everyone else comes up with!  If you hop over to Hilary’s (click on the link above), you can link up and join in the fun. She is always looking for co-hosts, so give her some of your statements and lucky you—you will magically become a co-host at some point!

This week’s statements:

1. I have a _____at ________.

2. I always buy _______that ______if _______.

3. I spend way too much time _________.

4. I hope that when people meet me and think about me they _________.

Now for my spectacular answers!!!

1. I have a snotty nose at the moment.  TMI??? 

2. I always buy scrapping/cardmaking stuff that piles up all over the place if I don’t get to using it right away. 

3. I spend way too much time blogging or reading blogs or surfing the internet.

4.  I hope that when people meet me and think about me they think that I really care about them and am a good friend to have. 

There you go!!!  Hop in and enjoy the hop.  


  1. Yuck, take care of that snotty nose! Love your answers. Visiting from Good Memories Cafe #4 on the list. I messed up the Blog title link.

  2. I was cool with the snotty nose, until I scrolled down & saw the picture.. YUCK! Feel better & thanks for co-hosting!

  3. it seems like #3 runs in the week!
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Joseph Alsarraf says:

    Lol! I like the pictures! : )

  5. Hope you feel better, girl. I hope that wasn’t a picture of you! lol I like the picture that goes with #2, reminds me of what I need to be doing, instead of #3. 🙂

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