Science Diet, Crisco and Crying in the Shower!

Each week, Hilary at Feeling Beachie lists  four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to her at If she uses them, you will be added  as co-host to the hop! This week’s co-host is Jen from What would Jen do.  She sent me the last two statements!

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This week’s statements:

1.      ____always tastes better_____

2.       I predominately read _____

3.       I have brand loyalty to ____________ and ____________

4. When I feel sad, I like to ___

My Answers:

1)      Food always tastes better when shared with friends. (and did you know there is an actual group that promotes this??? Eating with Friends—check it out!)

2)      I predominately read in bed .   

3)      I have brand loyalty to Science Diet cat food and Crisco for baking!!!!

4)      When I feel sad I like have a good cry in the shower.   

Thanks, Hilary, for doing this blog hop!!!  Don’t forget today is my last day for Comments for a Cause for St. Rita’s Hospice. Tune in tomorrow–same time, same place, to see the results for September and see what the cause will be for October!!!  Thanks!!!


  1. OH me too!!! crying in the shower!!!

  2. LOL Love the image for #2, Beth Ann.

  3. Alex shares your same loyalty (although he does prefer fancy – but he needs nutrition…) Love the picture of the friends!

  4. Homecooked food always tastes the best…
    Especially when it’s cooked in someone elses home.

  5. We use Science Diet too but the Sensitive Stomach kind.

    Brands I am loyal to are L.L. Bean and New Balance.

I love your comments--each one makes me smile and makes a difference for Comments for a Cause! Thanks!

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