Wordless Wednesday—Almost

I found this in my bag of potting soil…….I shudder to think why it was in there.  Thoughts???


  1. It reminds me of something used to cut grapes from their vines, maybe even other fruits or veggies. Could be that the potting soil came from a farm and a worker just dropped it into the dirt.


    • Pretty sure it is a Placker used for teeth flossing—the little dental floss was still hanging off it but what a great guess!! And I would much rather it be what you suggested!

  2. what is it?

  3. Ohhhhh, YUCK! I wasn’t looking at proportions, just assuming it was a large tool. Gaggggggggg.

  4. Isn’t that one of those dental floos/tooth pick?

  5. Maybe someone had a potty mouth or potting mouth. Hey, at least it wasn’t the prize in your cereal box. (I’m always looking on the bright side)

  6. And I thought it was David’s slingshot, and wondered where you got that potting soil.

  7. What is that?

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