Feeling a Bit Verklempt (via It’s Just Life)

Ah….I wrote this when I was feeling a little sad about not seeing the boys and hearing the school busses rolling by. Still holds true today. Still feeling a little verklempt.

Feeling a Bit Verklempt It is one of those days. I can hear the school buses outside and will see them when I am out and about today. And I admit it—it makes me feel a bit verklempt . I don’t have any more “babies” to buy back to school stuff for. No more backpacks monogrammed from LLBean, no more Trapper Keepers for those days when they were allowed, no more red marking pens and absolutely no more change made available for delicious starch filled school lunches. No m … Read More

via It’s Just Life


  1. Every September I see all those school supplies and think of all the money we save by not having to buy any! YAY!

  2. I was still drawn to Office Max yesterday, though I didn’t need anything. It was refreshing to find the bright colors and patterns of back-to-school supplies, they really livened up the store.

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