Last Chance

Today is the final day to make Comments for a Cause for the National Down Syndrome Society!!!!   I think this is going to be my best month for comments yet and I am very excited!!!!   The more comments made this month on any of my lame, uninspired  awesome posts the more I will donate to NDDS  And by “I” I mean my husband since he is the current bread winner in the family.  But he is behind me—right there with a huge loaf of french bread. 🙂  So comment away….find a post and leave a relevant comment and tomorrow I will post the results for the month.  And also announce my new Comments for a Cause for  August.  I am excited to be joined by my friend, Jake, over at Poems and Ponderings who has written some poetry to compliment my charity for August so make sure you wander over there this week to read his talent!!!


  1. You’re a good egg, Beth Ann 🙂

  2. Thank you for the link, but most of all thanks for being the generous, caring person that you are. The world could use a million more you(s) and still be short a few(s). Congratulations on your ‘comments for a cause’ success.

    • Aw thanks!! I think we have a mutual admiration society thing going or something but I am so blessed by all of my bloggy friends!!! It has been so neat to meet new folks whose paths I never would have crossed had it not been for this bloggy life I am leading! 🙂

  3. Glad your comments are going strong through July. Mine fell off this month so I don’t think we’ll have enough for a got unless I raise the amount per comment to $1 which I may do. Even then though, I don’t think we had enough. I thought it was just because there are fewer visiting blogs in the summer, but guess that’s not true judging by your success.

    • Well, Karen, since I credit you guys for the idea I am happy that my comments are going well and am hoping yours pick up! I think I just hit a hot topic this month and I got exposure on the NDSS Twitter and Facebook pages and that boosted the traffic though I did not get as many comments from those days as I thought I would have!!! Just never know!

  4. I’m curious are there comments you don’t count?
    Like if someone just comments “nice” or a emoticon.
    Also do “likes” count?

    • LOL They have to be “legitimate” comments —in other words —no spam comments. I am not a stickler for saying they have to be of a certain length or say something profound but at least make it look like you read the post!!! And I do not count “likes” at this point. But something to think about….

  5. I enjoy his work because he just says what he wants to say without all the nonsense contemporary poets and publishers think is literature.

  6. Sue Kaney says:

    Hey Beth Ann! Enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pix. I have worked with many Down’s kids over the years in speech therapy. Love them all-each one brought a fresh dimension and challenges to therapy, but I was a better therapist for working with them! Hope all is well with you and your family! Still miss you in Freeport!

    • Hey Sue!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!! Glad that you shared your gift with some Down Syndrome students over the years. I know they were blessed by YOU! We are doing well and miss our Freeport neighbors!!! You guys were the best neighbors ever!!! Hope retirement is treating you well and that you are able to spend time with those precious grandbabies!!!

  7. pattisj says:

    Thanks, Beth Ann! Can’t wait to see what next week holds. 🙂

I love your comments--each one makes me smile and makes a difference for Comments for a Cause! Thanks!

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