Giant Red Footed Monster



I got creeped out today.  Not an every day occurrence.  I am usually fairly unflappable.  I am the one that strangers talk to without encouragement.  I am the one who is accepting and welcoming and approachable.  But I am also the one who got creeped out today.  And by what???  I guess what would be more accurate would be by whom???  Well, let me tell you.

I was getting our delicious dinner of turkey lasagna, caprese salad and brussel sprouts prepared and there was a shadow moving outside the kitchen windows that caught my eye. With further observation I discovered it was yet another utility person outside marking their territory, so to speak.  We are getting our deck redone and the construction dude said he hoped to start it next week so this week I have had at least 5 different men in the back yard marking lines.  Well today this guy was with who knows which utility but he was there a looooonnnngggg time.  Walking back and forth.  Walking forth and back.  All outside the kitchen window.   The other guys came, planted their little flags, made their little paint marks and went without me even seeing them.  This guy lingered.  A little too long.  And then he went to his truck and got a camera.  And proceeded to take pictures .  Now I am assuming he was taking pictures of where he left his big red splotches but I am not sure.  Now I am starting to get worried.  What if he was really a monster masquerading as a utility man? What if he marked his territory and is going to return later ?  What if…..Perhaps I should stop taking this sinus medicine.  I think I am getting loopy.


Make sure you come back tomorrow!!!   It’s a celebration!!!



  1. Monica Beth says:

    Lingering is unusual. That would bother me too and then taking pictures as well. That’s down right strange. I’m hoping you don’t end up with dead grass where he made his marks. Very strange…

    • I know..the lingering kind of worried me….unless he had never seen such a mess of lines and cables and stuff before??? I don’t know. I probably should have gone out and talked to him but he kind of creeped me out. I guess we will find out if they come and tell us they have to dig up our entire yard for some reason, right?

  2. I’m with ya. That would have freaked me out a bit and maybe I would have introduced him to my pitbull, Titan! haha

    I’m new to your blog (followed the link from 40 and over bloggers) and look forward to reading more! 🙂

    • Hey thanks for stopping by!!! Always great to find new bloggy friends!!! Titan would have been a bit more threatening than my two cats, Buddy and Holly…they are pampered wimps!!! LOL Thanks for the comment and stop back anytime!!!

  3. Helen Brown says:

    Be sure to keep your doors locked just to be sure while you have all kinds of men walking around, especially the one with a camera!

    • Talked to the construction guy today and that was the electric guy that was there with the red and he had called him. I think the picture taking was just because it is a weird place to put the box or something but all is well. I am getting kind of used to having strange men in the backyard…..

  4. pattisj says:

    I can’t wait to see your finished deck! We’ve been wanting to do something off the kitchen, patio vs. deck vs. screened porch vs. sunroom; elevated or step down…then my brain hurts and we go work on something else.

    • Thanks!!! I think it will be wonderful when it is done but a little late to really redo everything and get new furniture for the year for out there!!! We have stuff to do in the kitchen too —and I agree–it hurts my head when I try to plan stuff!!!!

  5. Those big red monster prints sure due look ominous! I’d say just don’t let him in the house. Hope your deck can get done before summer is over!

    • I think you are right, Karen. I think we are going to be able to enjoy the deck for maybe one week before the snow flies!!! It is Iowa after all! 🙂

  6. You should have asked what exactly he was doing.
    Strangers taking pictures of my place of work or home is a big no, no.

    • Yea well it was all wrapped up in the deck construction and he was taking pictures of the ground where he had marked the lines—I could see that much. And the construction dude told me that the dude had called him so it was on the up and up. Just kind of creeped me out for a minute!!! I usually am pretty assertive when it comes to stuff like that but maybe I should have been more this time!!! 🙂

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