Writer’s Block

Just not feeling it this morning. The words aren’t there.  The humorous anecdotes are nowhere to be found.  The witty words are non existent.  Feeling a little dried out this morning so it seems like the perfect time to post some pictures that Chris and I took at the Butterfly House that we visited at Put in Bay in June.  Enjoy!!!

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  1. Monica Beth says:

    It’s wonderful to let days fill their own needs.

    I once thought I had to keep the energy going no-matter-what (insane youth). I’m glad to be 51 and a little wiser.

    I still love going flat out, laughing, getting a ton of work accomplished. Who doesn’t? (except for the exhausted part) Today I’m planning a mixed day – reading a few blogs and then gathering more stuff up to donate. I’m trying to make every future day easier by getting rid of all the excess stuff!!!

    On true quiet days I feel it in my bones – I start off with a hot cup of coffee or tea and take a good hard look at my life and those around me. I try to notice if I have missed something important. I follow the patterns and try to figure out what I’ve missed. I usually don’t play music and I never have the TV on. The quiet days are actually quite busy; it’s just all inside. Enjoy your day and fill yourself up. You’ll have all this wonderful energy born of knowing exactly where you are and where you should go. Gotta love life.

    • You are so right!!! I am trying to clear some stuff up and take advantage of being home!!! Thanks for the great comment and for stopping by!!! 🙂

  2. Butterflies are so hard to photograph, they’re so busy! You’ve done a great job, Beth Ann. You have many varieties we don’t have here. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  3. Beth Ann,,, I have the opposite problem. I have lots of words, but no time to write them 🙂

  4. Amy Prentice says:

    Awesome photos Beth Ann….did you have any “hitchhikers” on you?

  5. Those pictures are gorgeous Beth Ann. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Butterflies are pretty. You did good taking pictures of these! Our Cleveland zoo has some in a greenhouse. It’s very nice–hot, tropical, with classical music playing.

    • Oh that sounds very cool to have the classical music playing! I asked my biologist brother about if it was really a good thing to have them in captivity because they seemed to want out and were beating their wings up against the walls and glass. His take on it was that he has seen a lot of beat of winged butterflies in the wild so if it helps promote education and get people interested in them it is probably not a bad thing. It worried me that they were in pain but I guess it is part of the whole life cycle.

  7. Helen Brown says:

    I loved your butterfly pictures. You will have to visit our butterfly house at Alliance. They say it is great but I have not been there yet. Your pictures make me want to go right out and go visit them.

    • I do want to visit your butterfly house–it just seems like I am never there at the right time. Maybe I will be able to sneak over for a couple of days when we go to Lima this next time—we will have to see. I miss you!

  8. Some days you just have to cocoon and let the inspiration come from others!

    Wonderful pictures.

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