Reincarnation? Friday Fill In Fo Shure!

Okay-so a couple of weeks ago I was mourning the loss / death / demise of one of my hermit crabs, Smiley. The name is obvious. Check out his shell. I posted a picture which looked like a crime scene.

There you see limbs galore littering the bottom of the terrarium.  You can barely see cohort Spidey in the corner, lurking around.  I suspected foul play.  I asked my readers and many felt the same way. Did Spidey do it?   All I know is that I was sad.  So I cleaned up the debris and tapped on the shell to ensure that all the pieces parts came out.  Then I decided it might not be good to leave the shell inside since there might be some “stuff” left in that might start to stink so I stuck it outside in my herbs—nestled among my spearmint and peppermint.  Every time i walked out on the deck and saw my mint I was reminded of Smiley and of the good years we had together.  (At least 2)

Yesterday I was rearranging some stuff on the deck and moved the mint.  I thought the shell looked odd so I picked it up.  AND SMILEY POPPED OUT!  Yep!!!  He was reborn!!!!  I about fell over!!!!   It was a Christmas miracle!!! Here the poor critter was molting according to several articles that I found.  I was amazed!  I never even considered this!!!  The articles talk about how they need privacy, a separate tank, dark, etc. and what did I do???I banned him to the outside elements in a pot  plant of mint!!!  For 3 weeks!!!!  PLEASE do not call PETA!   I was just ignorant!!!

To ensure Smiley’s privacy I did not try to get too great of a picture.  Quite frankly I am still in shock.  When I emailed my sons the older one, who shall remain nameless, Micah,  said “Mom, you need a job”.  Well, I never.  I was just excited to have a member of my family back again!!!  So I am hoping that the miracle continues and know that you will rejoice with me in the reincarnation of Smiley the wonder hermit crab!!!  I think he still has some growing to do….he is a mere shadow of his former self so I think the appendages are in the growth stage—–I have to go read more of that above article!!!

Today is Friday Fill In over at Hilary’s at Feeling Beachie.  I haven’t done this for weeks so here it goes!!! Hop on over and check out her site.  She posts 4 statements each Friday for folks to fill in and answer.  She always needs cohosts so if you have some good statements let her know!! Here are the questions this week and MY answers. They are overshadowed by my reincarnated Smiley news, I know, but try to muscle on through!

This week’s statements:

1. I don’t understand why ____

2. I don’t know what is worse___

3. My ____always get cold

4. I wish I owned a ___

My Answers:

1.  I don’t understand how people can be so oblivious.   Seriously, folks, get a clue and take a look around you and your environment!  Don’t let the door slam in someone’s face when you could have held it open. Don’t drive 20 mph in a 45 mph zone, don’t talk on your cell phone when you are checking out in a line and totally ignore the cashier.   The list goes on.  YOU know what I am talking about!

2.  I don’t know what is worse— reality tv shows or actually sitting down and WATCHING said reality tv shows!!!  Guilty??? Sometimes!!!  🙂

3. My feet always get cold.   Ask the hubby.

4.  I wish I owned a private plane complete with pilot and a nice crew who could shuttle me to all the places that I have been driving these days.  11 1/2 hour driving days are wearing on me a bit.

There you have it !!!  Have a great weekend and rejoice with me in the rebirth of one of our family!!!  🙂


  1. I agree with ALL of your answers! Go go with your #1 and self centered. Yesterday I got yelled at while driving home because I was trying to go on a green light, rather than wait for the yeller to go through a red light… That was red for a while (I have some nerve don’t I?)

  2. So glad that Smiley’s back!!!

    I was so sad when I read of his passing – the crime scene being so gruesome I imagined a horrible death – now that you say it – molting sounds familiar 😉

  3. I can only imagine the look on your face when Smiley reappeared! What a shock!

    I accidentally closed a cat in my attic once. I think they really do have nine lives!

    • LOL You could have heard me rejoicing in the UP most likely!!! It was amazing! Hey—I closed one of our cats in a closet when we were gone for 5 days……they do have 9 lives! He was pretty weak and I felt HORRIBLE but he was fine after a meal and lots of water. You can bet I always check and make sure I visibly see them before I leave now! Cats are sneaky things!

  4. Resurrection! What a wonderful surprise… he looked gone to me.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes:-) Stacie

  5. Unfortunately I have been a #1 at times even though I hate it too….

  6. Oh I am so happy to hear about Smiley! Had no idea they did that. Please tell Spidey that I am sorry I blamed him for a crime he did not do! 🙂

  7. he might just be in a food coma for a while.. 🙂 hey, it happend to me! 🙂 either way, I’m very happy for you!!!

    This week’s statements:
    1. I don’t understand why moth, flies, mosquitoes always manage to enter your house no matter what you do to prevent it.
    2. I don’t know what is worse whether the cable or the internet is out.
    3. My Feet always get cold. Even in blazing 100 degree out I put up little heater under my desk at work.
    4. I wish I owned a private jet so I can fly home whenever I wanted to!

    • Maybe he was in a food coma!!! Never thought about that! He seems to be doing fine now—-weird. I should have figured it out I guess. I am not a responsible hermit crab owner.

  8. That’s so interesting about Smiley, glad you have your pet back. He got a vacation!
    1. I don’t understand why I can’t get anything done since starting a blog…
    2. I don’t know what is worse, dusting or vacuuming.
    3. My toes always get cold.
    4. I wish I owned a self-cleaning house.

  9. Helen Brown says:

    I am so happy Smiley is alive and happy. I must admit I had a few laughs and it isn’t nice to laugh about something like that.

  10. Stopping by from Feeling Beachie… I completely agree with your # 1 !! And yay for Smiley!!

  11. Wow!!! I didn’t know that.It’s a fun fact on the crab…thanks. it reminds me of the post Kame made about Hermit Crab….wow,I am still amazed with your story.

  12. Wow! It is a miracle. Enjoy smiley

  13. Christine M. Grote says:

    Hooray! Thanks for the miracle, good news story.


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