A Bit of Me!

Blogging  is a funny thing…we tell our most intimate thoughts for all to read  and yet most of the time I find myself sitting and wondering, “who is  this person!?”  I know them…but yet I don’t know them!  I want  to know who the person is behind all those words so I thought of a great  way for all of us to “meet” each other!

Every Sunday Never Growing Old will post five get to know you  questions that you can copy and paste into your own Monday post and we  can all learn a little more about each and every one of us!!

Java will add a linky so we can follow who participates and get to know them  better!!  Be sure to link the POST and not just your whole blog!!


The questions this week are as follows:

1.  What is your favorite food?
2.  What color scheme is your bedroom?
3.  Do you carry a donor card?
4.  In your opinion, is the glass half empty or half full?
5.  Vanilla or Chocolate?

1. Favorite food????  Oh there are sooo many.  And so many that I am not eating right now in an effort to shed some lbs.   Let’s see.  If I had to say a favorite food I guess I would have to say….wait for it…..fried macaroni and cheese.  I know I have blogged about it before and even have a picture and recipe posted here.

2. What is your color scheme in your bedroom?  We have basically kept it the same as when we bought the house—the walls are painted a kind of soothing green color–not sure what the real name of it is but it is nice.  The hub thinks it is too dark but I like it and have no plans to change it.  Our bedding compliments the walls in a lighter shade but depending on the lighting it can take on blueish tones instead of the greenish tones….hmmm.

3.  Do you carry a donor card?   Yep—on my license I am an organ donor.  I also signed up to be a bone marrow donor at Be The Match and am on that registry.  I did this when a friend of a church I worked at got leukemia and needed a match.   Sadly, Breana Turner just lost her battle last week and passed away without being able to have the lifesaving treatment due to complications that kept cropping up.  She was quite a woman from all that I hear and even though I never got to meet her in person her battle prompted me to get registered to help someone else someday.

4.  In your opinion—half full or half empty??? Always half full!  Always try to be positive and look on the bright side and give people the benefit of the doubt even if they don’t “deserve” it. 
5. Vanilla or Chocolate?   Now that is not even a question.   CHOCOLATE.  Always chocolate.

Comments for a Cause this month will go to Meals on Wheels. For every legitimate comment on my blog this month I will donate 50 cents to Meals on Wheels. Comment away and let’s see how June turns out!!!   So far it is looking very good!!!


Thanks to Java for the blog hop today—Go on over and link up!!!  




  1. I still have to try to make that Mac and Cheese.
    Love how crisp and clean your bedroom looks.
    I’m sorry about your friend. *hugs* I too have a donor thing on my D.L.
    Chocolate is the only answer that is right.
    That is one of the things I love about you. The fact you are such a half full girl.

    • That bedroom picture was “posed” . There is usually at least one cat and lots of cat hair floating around along with various suitcases……And thanks—I do try to be a half full girl!!!! It has worked for me for 51 years so I am not going to change that now!!!

  2. 1.Macaroni. 2.white with cherry furniture.3. I should get a donor card. Thanks for reminder.4.South Florida is having a drought. Water is allowed in the glass on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday or if you live on the other side of the street , the opposite days except no one gets water on Sunday. So it his hard to have a life’s philosophy so dependent on the fluctuations of the weather. 5. Blue Bell ice cream puts out “The Great Divide” (half choc and half vin) so I have both. As an aside, pizza is mushroom and black olive.

    • Hey thanks for stopping by and for sharing your answers!!! Your glass half full/empty answer cracked me up. Drought is not funny, though!!! We are fine in Iowa right now but I feel for those who are in a drought—it makes you appreciate water a lot more!!!

  3. 1. What is your favorite food?
    Oh.. there are too may good food out there to just pick one! I love Indonesian food.. hehehe big surprise? hahaha…
    2. What color scheme is your bedroom? Just like you Beth Ann, it’s soothing green! The previous owner did a great job and I’m not planning to change it anytime soon!
    3. Do you carry a donor card? Yes, Absolutely! My driver license have a cute little heart on the corner to prove it. 🙂
    4. In your opinion, is the glass half empty or half full? I’m trying to be half full and most of the time it is. I’m pretty optimistic person (trying to be.. 🙂 But I have to be honest, there are times when my cup is half empty.
    5. Vanilla or Chocolate? Oh.. another hard choices! But I’ll have to go with Chocolate!

    • Good choice with the Indonesian food!!!! Somehow I am not surprised!!!! And of course there are times when your cup is half empty—you would not be human if there weren’t those days. Hopefully they are few and far between. Have a great day!!!

  4. Thank you for your support of Meals on Wheels. I know they’ve been struggling in our area with the higher gas prices.
    I see others posting answers here so we can play today. 🙂
    1. I have to say PIZZA for my favorite food. I can eat it anytime, anywhere, but not often!
    2. The bedroom is in dire need of paint. The quilt has shades of stormy blues, natural color background for the blocks with sailboats, lighthouses and a star pattern.
    3. Yes on the donor card.
    4. Half-full, because I spilled the other half.
    5. Make mine chocolate! With nuts.

    • I am a huge MOW fan so it is nice to find someone else who is concerned about the delivery of meals with the gas prices soaring!!! Thanks for playing along, too!!! I laughed at your half full—-I hope you were able to salvage some of that spilled other half!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting today!!!!

  5. Hi there. I should like to join in. So
    1.My favorite food – Roast NZ lamb with all the trimmings
    2.My bedroom is painted a colour called half tea which is a sort of off white. And the carpet is blue so the bedroom furnishings are to match the walls.
    3.Yes – here we have donor on our driver’s licence
    4.Hal full because I am so busy using the other half.
    5.Always chocolate unless it’s ice cream and then it’s definitely vanilla.

  6. My favorite food: pizza, bread pudding, trail mix
    bedroom color scheme: light blue walls, brown carpet–(same as when we moved in) I like that light green you have.
    I do have a donor card but haven’t donated in years.
    Half full.
    I prefer chocolate candy and cake, but vanilla ice cream and shakes. Guess you could say I’m a well balanced person.

    • You are well balanced!!! Good for you!!! Thanks for sharing your answers!!! I love to find out more about my bloggy friends this way!!! Have a great day!!!

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