An Island of Wonderfulness

Every once in awhile I get surprised.  And when I do it is a wonderful thing.   Today was one of those days.

It has been an interesting week.  I have learned a lot of things that I never thought I would learn but it is all a good thing!!!!!!  You know that comment I made awhile back about wanting to be a nurse when I grew up until I realized that I fainted at the sight of blood???  Well, I am learning that I can do some of those “tasks” for loved ones if needed.  Thank goodness there is no blood involved.   If there were it might be a different story.

But back to my island of wonderfulness.   We have been looking for some different places to eat while we have been helping out with my father in law and we have been in a rut.  We are used to having options of healthy and interesting places to eat .  Let’s face it, folks, we are spoiled blessed.  Chris and I have been able to travel a bit and find some great food here, there and everywhere.  And while trying to watch the diet a bit it has not been all that difficult to find healthy options.

This week we found two great places in Lima that I just have to share with you in case you are ever in Lima!!!   We dined at Thai Jasmin and had fabulous service and a terrific meal.  We dined on a variety of items including delightful spring rolls, wings and crab cakes for appetizers.  Entrees included Laab and chicken skewers, and curry dishes.  The entire table was satisfied and happy!!!


We visited restaurant number two –Lazeza on Cole Street , tonight. FABULOUS meal.  Can’t say enough about it!!!  We were very early for dinner and had the place to ourselves which was pretty sweet.   Appetizer included hummus (delightful) followed by nice salads including Chris’s which was a spinach salad complete with a warm vanilla bean dressing.  He did not offer to share so I think it was wonderful!   Carlton and I both ordered the tilapia with jumbo shrimp, asparagus in a secret fabulous sauce!!!  Carlton about licked his bowl clean and he is a pretty basic chicken tenders and fries kind of guy so you know it was good!!!   I did not lap up the secret sauce even though I was tempted—-I figured I had consumed enough calories as it was!  Chris had the lamb gyro platter and once again…did not offer to share even though “I” put some tilapia on his plate.  I think he needs to go back to preschool for those sharing lessons.

Chris and I finished off with a delicious cup of java and a piece of carrot cake split 3 ways.  AWESOME!  Definitely not on the diet plan, either, but hey–sometimes you gotta take a break, right?

Seems that some of my best pictures center around food, doesn’t it?? Well, so be it.  I love food and it loves me.  We are involved in a torrid love affair.  Shhhhh….dont’ tell Chris.


  1. The cake looks wonderful!

  2. Well, out of these choices, I would definitely go with the carrot cake! We like breaking out of our rut too and trying new eating places now and then, or at least choosing something different at a same old place. This week we both liked the almond/berry salad at Wendys. It was very good!

  3. Yummy on everything. I love curry dishes (just not too hot) and carrot cake is one of my favorites. Glad you found some wonderful eateries and were able to enjoy evenings out.

    You remain in my thoughts and prayers, my friend. ♥ Diane

  4. Oh.. it looks delish!!! Hey, I made a mean chicken laab (thanks to my in law). Next time you’re in Denver call me! 🙂

  5. I think the best of it all is the cake. Yummers. Cake!

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