THIS should have been my Wordless Wednesday photo!!!!

US Airways lets man fly wearing women’s panties | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper.


  1. pattisj says:

    Yes, that kind of leaves one speechless, doesn’t it? lol

  2. Helen Brown says:

    I am wordless!

  3. I am getting OLD….what is this world coming to?

  4. But, that blue is absolutely gorgeous darling, matches his eyes perfectly I’ll bet.. Oh, and I love the choker, so chic!!!!!!!!

  5. EWW!

  6. One would wonder why he would want to dress like that for a flight. Huh. Love the color of his panties and sports bra. One would think he would want to cover his boy parts a bit more. What if a pretty girl walked by? Oh!

  7. Umm…OOOOO…KAY. That’s all I have to say…lol. New blogging buddy stopping in. Electic blog you have here Beth Ann.

  8. OY!

  9. Help – I’m blind !

  10. gyahahahaha!!! I am indeed wordless

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