And Are We Yet Alive?

This week I am enjoying my annual retreat from reality.  Though my husband would probably say that I retreat daily…..nonetheless–I am enjoying R & R, family time, vacation, and worship all rolled into one!   I am at Lakeside on Lake Erie for the week —I grew up coming here this time each year with my family as it is the week of East Ohio Annual Conference for the United Methodist Church.  Since my Daddy was a UM minister it was part of what we did each year.  While he sat in business meetings , long one, I might add, the family got to play.  After I got married I introduced my husband to Lakeside and he fell in love with it as much as me, I think.  Through the years we brought our family up during annual conference week as often as we could.  We rent a cottage with the family and cram into spaces that we wouldn’t normally cram into.  We have a lot of togetherness.  So far this week so good.  It is early yet….

One of the best things to experience is worship –especially the service that begins the week of Annual Conference on Monday morning.   It is the service of Holy Communion and Remembrance.  What a powerful service.   Opening hymn:   And Are We Yet Alive? (words by Charles Wesley)

And are we yet alive, and see each other’s face?   Glory and thanks to Jesus give for His almighty grace!

Preserved by power divine to full salvation here, again in Jesus’ praise we join and in His sight appear.

What troubles have we seen, what mighty conflicts past, fightings without, and fears within, since we assembled last!

Yet out of all the Lord has brought us by His love: and still He doth His help afford, and hides our life above,

Then let us make our boast of His redeeming power, which saves us to the uttermost, till we can sin no more.

Let us take up the cross till we the crown obtain, and gladly reckon all things loss so we may Jesus gain.


But the most moving part is the remembrance part where the names of clergy, clergy spouses and laity who have passed on during the past year are read and candles are lit—all after the singing of “For All the Saints”….for any of you who have heard this sung by  a large group of clergy and laity it is unforgettable.   I carry it with me all year.

So this week I am going to enjoy time away–away from my usual blog hops and postings but I am sure you will be seeing some pictures of one of the places that I love the most!   And of course I have to post on June 15th who the winner of my Hobby Lobby giveaway is!!!    And Teapot Tuesday….so I guess I still will be posting…..Enjoy your day—I am!


  1. It’s ALWAYS such a special spirit filled week…no matter what the weather, no matter whatever else is going on in your life, Lakeside gives you a new prospective on life. I always leave here refreshed and renewed. I count the days until we get here and then the time flies by and the counting begins until the next year. Love sharing this time with friends and family.

    • No matter how many mayflies……..
      You are very right!! The worship today was great—I wish I had had a box of kleenex, tho!!!

      • Oh I know….I cry at that service every year, but the loss of a baby really got me going. Ethan looked up and said, “you’re crying? Seriously?” LOL Nicholas scolded him saying, “It’s a sad thing, they lost thier baby.” I was concentrating on the picture and didn’t notice the dates so it caught me off guard when they said he died. I was expecting a miracle and a happy ending.

  2. Sounds divine. Have a wonderful time. Hugs, Diane

  3. Enjoy!

  4. That is a hymn I am not familiar with but the conference sounds like the one I used to go to at Beulah Beach (also on Lake Erie). I have lots of great memories of different camps I attended. Enjoy your time away! Maybe even skip the blog hop for a week! We have to really be on guard to keep the blog from conroling us!

    • It is a very neat hymn. I bet you do have lots of memories of camps. I need to look up Beulah Beach—not familiar with it so I will have to research it!!!

  5. Oops, published too quick–it should be “controlling” not “conroling.”

  6. Every time you post a picture of the lake, I sigh. I so miss Lake Superior. Glad you are having fun!!

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