Smooth Waters

I have had a lot of time to think and read this week and it has been good.  Not that I don’t think every day—I promise I do even if my blog posts don’t always give evidence of that!  I have always believed that we go through seasons in our lives—some seasons are like spring and full of hope and new beginnings and fresh stuff.  Some times our lives are like summer where we feel carefree—run through sprinklers, eat ice cream and stay up late playing or in my case sitting outside on the deck reading.  Then there is fall.  Fall is kind of a time of kicking into high gear—being motivated with the start of school and when I worked in the church—lots of great new opportunities and activities.  Winter brings a sense of cold with it and sometimes maybe hibernation when you just don’t feel like doing a whole lot and just cocoon.   At least that is kind of how I feel.

I was trying to think what season I am in right now and I think it is a mixture.   And maybe I need to kick it into high gear and move into fall instead of being complacent and satisfied with the fun stuff of my summerness.  I think I just made a word up there!!!

I was reading one of my all time favorite books “My Utmost for his Highest” by Oswald Chambers.  My copy is falling apart but I wouldn’t trade it .  I did buy a new modern copy but I find myself going back to my original book because it is familiar and marked up with my comments and underlinings.  I have given this book away to lots of folks.  Yea, sometimes he is too deep for me to understand but he makes me think and thinking is what I need to be doing more of.

Yesterday’s selection talked about moving out of the smooth waters inside the harbor .   But it is so nice here!!!  It is so calm and serene and everything falls into place!  I like it in the smooth harbors!!!  This is what Oswald (yep, we are on a first name basis !) says:

If you believe in Jesus, you are not to spend all of your time in the smooth waters just inside the harbor bar, full of delight but always moored, you have to get out through the harbor bar into the great deeps of God and begin to know for yourself, begin to have spiritual discernment.

Just some food for thought today.  Won’t get all preachy on you—not my style—but maybe it will start you to thinking about where you are in your life of seasons and where you should be.   Have a fabulous Thursday my bloggy friends!!!

Caesarea Harbor from


  1. I love the idea of our own seasons. Thanks.

  2. Jen Hedrick says:

    OK … first, I love “summerness” … made up words are the BEST! Feel free to get preachy – it is high on my list of tendencies. I’m “speaking” on Sunday and my message is about chasing sheep; based on Jesus’ parable of the Lost Sheep. Your example of being in the harbor while Christ calls us to be out there in the water is EXACTLY what’s on my heart this week – you just used water rather than sheep. We’re often among the 99 of the flock in no need of rescue, but we need to be out there helping the shepherd go get that lost one. Thanks for the insight. As always you make my world a better place simply by existing in it. =)

    • Thanks, Jen!!! I think I needed to hear from you today!!! I am so complacent so much of the time and think I can’t make a difference but I can and darn it—I will!!! Happy preaching on Sunday!!! Wish I was there to be in your fan club but I will cheer you on from Ohio!

  3. Good food for thought. Like John Ortberg’s observation—-you can’t walk on water if you don’t get out of the boat. (now that I look at it, I hope I got his name right.)

  4. What a great post Beth Ann. Love it. Life is one big test. But with stregth and love and faith in God, we can concur it all.

    • Aw thanks, Sendie-Lou!!! Life is one big test but you are right—with a faith in an incredible God we can make it through some of the most difficult things ever!!!

  5. I like summerness! I think every day too I’ve hear of that book but never read it.

  6. pattisj says:

    I’ve been thinking to read that for some time, too. Thanks for the nudge.

  7. I think I was back in winter with my season. Feeling sluggish and no motivation. I think that I’m in spring now. Trying to get things done and moving.

  8. Thanks so much for this Beth Ann! My waters have been so wild and rocky the past few weeks that the harbor sounds really nice right now! I LOVE the summerness word – feels good and I am ready for some of that! Have a great day! 🙂

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