Fat Cats Go Cheap!

Chubby Kitties Discounted By Ohio Shelter | Tonic.

I read about this in the Lima News yesterday!   Any of you cat lovers out there have a little more room (or maybe a lot more room!) in your house and heart for another feline???  Now is the time !! Discounted kitties!!!  Course you might have to take out a small loan to feed them…..


  1. Helen Brown says:

    That really is a FAT CAT but a prettiy one.

  2. This is “adopt a shelter cat month.” This cat is way too fat. I like fat cats but it is very unhealthy for cats to be overweight. I hope people will just go to a shelter or at “Meet Your Best Friend” day at the Cleveland zoo this Saturday when a lot of shelters bring their adoptable pets. There are so many homeless cats and dogs who would love a nice home to live in!

    • It really is way too fat, isn’t it??? Not healthy at all! I hope your are right and folks go support the shelters adoption programs!

  3. pattisj says:

    Oh, that is so sad. Poor kitty.

  4. Even fat cats need love…maybe just less wet food. For the last ten years we’ve owned at least four cats at a time. Just never on purpose. Around here the saying goes, “God brings ’em, we care for them” as a response to their continually showing up on our doorstep needing medical care and a permanent home.

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