Princess Parties, Hot Meals and Give A Ways!!! Wild Wednesday!!!

I have lots of different things to post today so stick with me!!! It will be worth it–-I PROMISE!  First of all it is Wordless Wednesday over at Never Growing Old so I will start out with my picture for the day!

Seen in a hotel parking lot in Chicago area.   Make your own conclusions what a princess party offers…..

Now on to other exciting things!!!  Since I found the idea through Karen and Gerard to donate for each comment made on my blog to a charity that I truly believe in—I thought it was a fabulous idea and thanks to them I have gotten started.  First month went to the National Parkinsons Foundation and this month I chose UMCOR to help with the spring storms and relief that they offer to the victims.   I love UMCOR—it is one organization that gives 100% of your donation to the specific cause and as a life long United Methodist it is near and dear to my heart.   I was so happy last month to report that I had 153 comments and this month I had  182 comments!!!  Yipppe!  Thank you to all who commented.  I will be sending $91 off to UMCOR as a result of YOUR comments.

In June I will donate again to another cause that I feel is so worthy.  Meals on Wheels.  If any of you have ever been a part of this organization you know what great work they do. Right now they are being hard hit by the increasing gas prices.

Meals On Wheels: The Impact of the Gas Crisis (from the MOWAA website)

According to a national survey conducted by Meals On Wheels Association of America (MOWAA), a number of Meals On Wheels programs are in a crisis situation:

    • Nearly 80 % of the struggling Meals On Wheels programs across the country have lost volunteers, 67% have had to reduce the number of meals they serve per week and 30% have started a waiting list. 69% reported that they believe their program will have to cut back on meal service if the price of gas exceeds anywhere in the range of $4.50 to $5.00.
    • Currently, the total daily cost of gas used by all Meals On Wheels programs nationally exceeds $247,000.
    • Each day across the United States Meals On Wheels programs and their volunteers drive 1.25 million miles to bring meals to seniors who need them.
    • Every one cent increase in the price of gas equals an additional $250,000 a year that is spent on delivering meals to homebound seniors.
  • Meals On Wheels programs nationwide deliver roughly one million meals every day.

I have had the opportunity to be a part of Meals on Wheels in various ways over the years and have always felt that it is a worthy organization that not only provides hot meals but contact with folks who might otherwise be forgotten.   Another win-win!!! So join me, comment freely all month and let’s see what we can do!

Finally—a giveaway on the blog!!! I know!  I know!!! I am cramming so much into today!!!   But I have wanted to do this for awhile.  Pretty simple.   When my sister, Paula, was here we took a trip to Mall of America in Minneapolis.  Top of the list was to visit Archiver’s where we loaded up and I do mean loaded up on supplies for our card making addictions.   I was not on the ball enough to think to get a gift card there and you can not purchase them online so the give away will be for a Hobby Lobby $25 gift card.. If you are not familiar with them they have EVERYTHING for a crafter along with  furniture, framing, fabric,home decor,  etc.   A great place to shop and you are certain to find something to please you!!!  To win this give away is pretty simple.  Check out the picture below of my purchases at Archiver’s and tell me how much you think I spent on it!!!   The person who gets closest to the amount spent wins!!!  I may have to exclude Paula from this since she was with me and knows!!!   So leave your comment below and tell me how much you think I spent on all those goodies and on June 15th I will announce the winner.  There may even be some extra goodies tucked in with that gift card to Hobby Lobby!!!    So check out the picture and comment below!!!  If you click on the photo it will enlarge to show you more details so you can make a more educated guess!!! Can’t wait to hear your guesses!!!


  1. Good for you with your comments!! That is wonderful, Beth Ann!! I think that this months cause is a great one. My great Uncle uses Meals on Wheels. Some people wouldn’t eat if wasn’t for that program.

    I want to have a Princes Party! *pout*

    Look at your haul. I’m so glad you posted it as your W.W. I have been dying to see what you picked up. My guess is $127.98. Math is not my strong suite. I debated about showing this to Roy and giving him the prices, at least the prices here in Montana and having him add it up for me. *lol*

    Since Hobby Lobby is my new addiction, I wanted to mention something else about them. If people sign up for their news letter, they get coupons every week. Sometimes its 40% off one item. Sometimes its for a specific item. Its a good mailing list to be on. Or one can go right to the website and find the coupon. I strongly urge whoever wins your gift card to find the coupon before using. They can get more bang for their buck.

    • My first entry!!! Yippee!!! And you made such an educated guess!!! Let the games begin!!!! Not going to give anything away but ….. 🙂

      Hobby Lobby is my addiction. I have one close to my house–if I stand and look out my front door I can see the back of it! I could walk but I always buy way toooo much to haul back. I use their coupons all the time and it was great you suggested that!!!

      Not sure if the Princess Party folks would come to Montana but ask Mr B for that for your next birthday!!!

  2. I LOVE Hobby Lobby!!!!

    I am going to guess 123.98. I love the stuff you did get though!!!

    • Thanks, Jennifer!!! You are officially in the give away !!!! I love Hobby Lobby too!! They have so many great things—today I may have to make a visit…..

  3. What you did is awesome Beth Ann and thank you for including us. I read about meal on wheels and feels sad. I too believe it’s a worthy caused and will do what I can in my capacity to help.
    Wow.. look at all those stuff from Hobby lobby! Do they have any cake decorator things? And oh.. if I have to guess, I’m guessing somewhere around $120 ish… I’m not good huh, this is why I would never be on The Price is Right! heheheh…

    • Meals on Wheels is such a great thing—it really is a lifeline for so many people and I always have a great time when I deliver them!
      They DO have cake decorating stuff at Hobby Lobby!!! They have a little bit of everything there, trust me! I just spent some $$ there today on stuff to make cards—they had all their stickers and paper 50% off!!! Woo hoo!!! 🙂

  4. Bernie sent me over to see if I could guess any better, unfortunately I usually don’t know how much the stuff costs, I just hyperventilate at the register. 😉 I am going to weigh in with a guess of $108.00. I also love the idea of donating to charity for each comment that is more than a Hi, I’m a new follower, AWESOME. I signed up for the emails and really do look forward to reading more. Have a wonderful week, and if you get a chance stop over and check out my swap if you like, on my Saturday post. 😉

    • Yay!!! So happy to have a new follower and I will definitely be stopping by your blog to check it out!!! I am recording all the guesses for the give away!!! Can’t wait to see what every one comes up with!!! Thanks again for stopping over!

  5. That is so sad about meals on wheels. There are a lot of elderly citizens who really depend on it. Makes me sad and at odds with the gas prices.
    I’m going to make a guess of $118.00 for the Hobby Lobby items.

    • Teriri–Thanks for the comment and you are right—-it makes me sad to think that seniors are not getting their meals because of the stupid gas prices!!! I am making note of your guess for the give away! Winner announced on June 15th~~~ Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

  6. You are a very nice person to give freely like that to those in need.
    Now I wish I could ask you questions like did you have a coupon or where some items on clearence?
    So here is my guess $123.10
    Or with discount and clearance items $89.72

    • Nothing was discounted 😦 so I am taking your higher guestimate as your entry!!! I guess I did get one of the adhesive tapes free but that was it!!! You are officially entered! Thanks for playing along!!!

  7. Congrats on getting more comments than last month! I think that “Meals on Wheels” is a wonderful program. I wished my dad would have used it but he just wasn’t good at staying on a schedule and didn’t want to have to watch for people coming to his house. He also liked to eat what he felt like eating.

    • Thanks!! Not quite up to your level of comments yet but we will get there!!! I have delivered MOW to many places where they left a cooler out side if they were gone so that could have helped your dad but if he liked to eat what he liked to eat then it wasn’t a good thing for him I guess. I do love them, tho!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. $103 is my guess, and it’s a wild guess. My grandmother used to get Meals on Wheels, so I know how important the service can be to seniors. She looked forward to those meals.

    • Thanks, Tracy. I just realized I did not respond to you and I feel bad!!! I am entering your guess into the giveaway pool!! Good luck!!! And thanks for stopping by!

  9. What great organizations you are supporting through your comment donations!

    I’ve looked at the scrapbooking aisle before thinking when I have time I might get around to this, but, sadly, have not made it yet. Anyway, I’m going to give my highly less than educated guess and say $140.

    What a fun day here on your blog, Beth Ann. ♥ Diane

    • The guesses are rolling in!!! Yippee!!! And maybe someday when you are a lady of leisure like “me” you can do the scrap-booking thing!!! I don’t do much actual scrapbooking but am a card addict!!! And of course there are never the right ones in my stash of previously made ones so I have to make new ones and pull everything out!!! Have a great day, Diane!

  10. I love how generous you are and I am still holding out that one month you will pick Autism Speaks as a charity. I will tell you what… if you do it, that same month I will do it too! All the charities you have picked have been great ones.

    Anyway I will play and give a guess. I say $137.86.

  11. Congratulations on the comment count and picking some very worthy recipients for your donation. I love Hobby Lobby and Michael’s too, but don’t scrapbook, so I haven’t a clue what your supplies would cost. But good luck, you guessing people!

  12. HHHMMMM…well I was figuring what I paid for things at Craft 2000, but that was on sale. SO after I saw the comment that it was not sale prices, I will say 124.16. Have no clue how I came up with that amount. Ha ha!

  13. I’m here from Bernie’s blog with my guess! I don’t know anything about crafting, but I’m going to say that looks like $63.99 🙂

    Our Hobby Lobby has a huge fabric section, so if I win, I am gettin’ some new fabric. Woo hoo!

    • They DO have fabric–lots of it!!! Thanks for the guess!!! And for stopping by!!! The entries are adding up!!!! Come on back anytime!!!

  14. sonal sidhwani says:

    hi there. I really like your spirit of community giving.

    I guess $82.40 as the amount you spent.


    • Thanks for the guess!!! I am keeping track of them all and will let you all know on June 15th who got the closest!!! Thanks for coming on over!!!! Come back anytime!!!

  15. Hi Beth Ann – OK usually I’m pretty good at this but I’m taking a chance and going for a low number – thinking you hit the clearance area – so I’l say $17.95 . Wonderful idea about giving to charity – now I’m going to have to comment more often : D

    • Thanks for stopping by and for the guess!!! I am keeping track of them all!!! Will post answer on the 15th! Come back any time and comment!!! This has been the best thing I have done on the blog was to get hooked into this idea!!! Only 2 months in and I am loving giving to some of my favorite charities!!! Thanks again!

  16. $84 is my guess.
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  17. I’m going to guess $32.79! Don’t know where that came from!

    style decor 1 at gmail dot com

    Thanks for the fun contest!

  18. This is a great thing you are doing! Here is my comment and I’m guessing you paid about $129.32. I found you from Bernie’s blog!

  19. Thanks for all the guesses!!! The winner is Diane who guessed $140 when the true total was $142.37. Thanks for all the participants!! You guys ROCK! Keep coming back–there will be more giveaways!!!


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