Happy Mother’s Day, Ya”ll!

Just can’t say enough about my own mom. Today is the day we all start to think about our mothers and the role they have played in our lives. I have been blessed. I know that not everyone can say that they have had a good relationship with their mom but I always have. Well… other than a few years in teenagedom when there was a lot of eye rolling on my part and I thought she knew absolutely nothing!!! Thank goodness I came to my senses.

One of my new bloggy friends is quite talented and I asked him if I could share his Mother’s Day tribute which he agreed to. Thanks, J!!! I am posting it below and hope that you enjoy it. Much better words than I could write. Please check out his blog at Poems and Ponderings if you have a minute.  It is well worth the trip, let me tell you!

And to all the moms out there—Happy Mother’s Day!  Enjoy!!!


You filled a space,

no other could,

you taught me always,

think the good,

of those I meet,

along the way,

and sunrise brings,

a whole new day.

Dwell not upon,

a hurt or slight,

and let the heart decide,

the wrong or right,

of what I do,

or what is done,

then let it go,

with the setting sun.

But, of all the lessons,

I have learned,

there’s but one upon,

my soul’s been burned,

there is no stronger,

force on earth,

nor gift of any,

greater worth.

Than a mother’s love,

that’s given free,

to each of us,

for eternity,

and wavers not,

in life or death,

it never takes,

a final breath.

Jack Downing

May 2009


  1. Wow, he is talented, I think I’ll check out that blog now
    Haha. Thank you for those kind words Beth Ann, have a magnificient Mother’s Day, and please pass on that sentiment to your mom as well.

    • He is VERY talented!! And I am glad I found his blog!! 🙂 Not only is he talented but he is entertaining and funny! Thanks for the wishes!!!

  2. I was blessed with a wonderful mom too and even through my teenage years, I still had a close relationship with her. I miss her very much! Off to check out this new blog now–(new to me that is.)

    • Karen–So glad to hear of another who has a wonderful mother. Hey –that rhymed!!! I am fortunate to still have my mom with me and I count my blessings!!!

  3. I love that poem…one of my faves! Especially dear since I knew Jack’s mom–the subject of the poem. A wonderful woman and one of the best mother’s ever.
    Happy M Day to you!

    • hat is so awesome that you knew Jack’s mom!!! I just loved that poem and it was a much better tribute than anything that I could come up with !!! Thanks for coming over!

  4. Awwww that made me smile. Your picture is lovely as well. I hope you had a good Mother’s day!

  5. Wow, this piece is beautifully written! Jack is really something 🙂


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