Wordless Wednesday Already!

Micah and Aaron--Ages 3 1/2 and 6 months

May the pox be with you—chicken pox that is!!! Click on picture to see the massiveness of the pox on my sweet babies a few years back!!!!  Poor Aaron was too little to scratch and his little hands would just ball up when he itched and he couldn’t figure out what to do!!!   Thank goodness they got them when they were little and not older!!!

Thanks to Java at Never Growing Old for the blog hop today!!! Check out her blog!!!


  1. Its nice they got them at the same time. Poor Mommy and Daddy with two itchy boys!

    • They actually did pretty well and that was soooooo long ago that I hardly remember!!! Time has a way of erasing the unpleasant memories, thank goodness.

  2. It must have been so hard having to watch your boys go through it so young. It broke my heart reading about Aaron not being able to scratch his itchies. The frustration and confusion must have been horrible for the little guy. Thank goodness it’s a done deal for them and they won’t have to face it later on. My daughter had been exposed countless times but never got it until she was 11. Let’s just say that it came with a vengence. It was awful.

    • It was really sad, let me tell you! When we knew they had been exposed i asked the doc if Aaron would get them since I was still breast feeding—his response–NO. I guess he was wrong, huh???? But I was glad they both got them over with!!! 11 years old would have been traumatic!

  3. Chicken pox! Classic! My daughter got the pox the day before Christmas…that was really nice…NOT!

  4. Those poor guys… it is funny, the have the exact expression on their faces… Like they are so fed up with this pox situation!

  5. ooh! even with the pox, they are still very cute.. mine’s HERE by the way..

  6. Omg I have a picture very similar to this one with my 2 boys and the chicken pox! They are in the bathtub together! lol…Love it!

    Come and visit me! I have a surprise for you!

    Then email me at: nevergrowingold@hotmail.com


    • I have one of mine in the bathtub too but I figured that was just a little bit too embarrassing for them!!! Thanks so much for the “surprise”!!! I am very excited!!! I am a winner! I am a winner!!!! LOL

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