Garbage Stickers and Healthy Eating

This week’s Friday statements come, as usual, from Hilary over at Feeling Beachie.  She has a great blog and offers up 4 statements each Friday for us to fill in and answer!  Join along and meet some new folks!  This is what she has to offer this week!

This week’s statements

1. Despite the fact that I should know better, I still always buy too much food when I go grocery shopping.  I always want to be “prepared” but really—there are only 2 of us living here and 2 cats so how much food do I really need?   The real thing is that I am trying to shop healthy and have healthy options and then one thing leads to another and before I know it I have a cart full of produce and healthy eating that is ridiculous!

2. I  pray when I am worried.  Simple, huh?

3. I always forget to buy garbage bag tags.  In our town you are “allowed” one garbage can per week along with all your recycling.   For an extra bag/can you have to buy these orange stickers to put on them and I always forget to buy them.  They come in sheets of 5 for $5 and it isn’t a big deal but I just never seem to remember to get them when I am shopping –maybe because my cart is heaped so full from statement number 1!!!   I usually end up making a special trip to get them.  Sigh.  At least it is  only a block away.

4. Family is the best!  I love my family.  I love my two boys and my husband but I also love my extended family—mom, sister (Happy Birthday, Paula!), brothers and my inlaws!!!  And of course my hubby’s family is absolutely the best.  I am blessed.  Can’t say it enough.


  1. Hi, Visiting from Follow Friday 40+. I enjoy these getting to know you posts.

  2. I am still buying too much food at the grocery store also! To look at my cart, you would think there are still 6 of us living here instead of only 2–well, 3 with the best dog in the world! LOL

    • I am glad to hear I am not alone in that!! The problem is what to do with it all once I get it home and it won’t fit in the fridge or pantry!!!

  3. Hi, I found your blog on the Follow Fridays listing.

  4. I hear you about the food. It is only the two of us, plus the cat, and we do our weekly shoping at Costco. Do I need to say more????

  5. What a pain to have to buy stickers for your garbage. Do you have to wrap the top with a bow and leave a card on it too? *teasing*
    I love your answer for what you do when you are worried.

    • The garbage sticker thing is a new one for me. We do have curbside recycling so we do get rid of a lot of stuff that way and don’t always have to have an extra bin but it usually seems like just when we have extra we don’t have a sticker!!!

      And I used to be a worrier. Not so much anymore. Guess I have grown up…

  6. Hi! Following from the 40 & Over Hop! Being empty nesters the past few years, I also find myself still buying tons at the grocery store. Hubs and I both love to cook and it’s so hard to resist those good old comfort foods, but I’ve been doing a bit better at throwing a few healthier things in the cart. Judging by the extra pounds still clinging to the both of us, I’m not sure it’s working though! LOL

    Love to have you stop by and say hello sometime!
    ~Mrs B at

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! I think it is a curse of empty nesters! Plus I LOVE to cook so it is hard to scale that back also!!! But we have both hit that stage of life when we know we need to lose a few pounds so we are trying!!! Will def be checking out your blog!!! Thanks again for coming on over!!!

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