Birthday Wishes and Umbilical Cords

Me, Paula and Mother a couple of years ago !!!  Need to get an updated picture!!!!  But you get the idea!!!


My sister has a birthday!!! It is tomorrow—otherwise known as TAX DAY but I thought I would wish her happy birthday a day early because in my advancing years I am bound to forgot to do this tomorrow!!! So here it is —a tribute to my sister, Paula!!! Happy Birthday, Sissy!!!

If any of you have sisters you may know what it means. Paula and I are 6 years apart in age—and yes, I am the baby! We laugh all the time because we get asked if we are twins all of the time!!! And I do mean all the time!  Now Paula and I do not think that we look alike at all.  I think that maybe as we have gotten older we may look more alike but certainly not like people suggest to us.  One time after many comments we came up with the idea that yes—we are twins!  Separated by a 6 year umbilical cord!!!  Then that digressed to images of our mother dragging us around with this huge long cord between us…kind of gross???  Yes, but it makes me laugh when I think of it!

So what does it mean to have a sister?  Quite frankly, a lot.  When we were younger I know she got upset with me.  We always shared a room and I was messy.  Messy beyond words.   I don’t know why.  I just was.  Hardly the case today (except when I am crafting or cooking) but when I was young it was the sad truth and I am sure that was a pain.  I also LOVED her boyfriends to the point of being a huge pest.  Hard to believe that, I know!!! But I was.  Fortunately Carl saw through all that and married her despite my peskiness and they have had a great life together.  Whew—at least “I” didn’t wreck that!!!

As I have gotten older Paula has become a best friend.  Do we always agree on things?  Of course not.   Do we live totally different lives now?  Definitely!    Paula is immersed in her calling of being a pastor and I applaud her for all her hard work to get where she is today.  It has not been an easy road but I am proud of her.  I hope she knows that.  But even if our lives are currently totally different we still have that deep bond of love that holds us together.  We chat via computer every day, text, skype, whatever to keep in touch across the miles.   I am blessed.

Her birthday gift arrived at her house yesterday so I am not giving away her gift but I filled a basket full and I mean FULL of craft stuff for her new addiction.  Yes, she is addicted to using the Cricut also.  We send pictures of our creations back and forth and include her best friend from grade school in the picture exchanges because she, too, has caught the bug!!!  Awesome to have folks to share your addiction with!!!

Buddy was inspecting the gift while I took the picture!!!  He had to help every step of the way!!!

Paula’s card! She and I love smiley faces so it seemed only appropriate to make her a card featuring a smiley!!!  Love it!!!

So anyway, please join me in wishing my sissy a happy birthday!!!   A day early!!!   Hope you all have a spectacular day.  I plan to!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sister a day early! What a fun card you made her. That gift basket is amazing. I grew up with a little brother. I always love to hear about people growing up with sisters. 🙂

    • Well since I birthed two boys I have to go to the sister for that “girl” fix and to my nieces!!! I also have brothers–2 of them—so I got both worlds!!! But I am blessed with a great sister, that is for sure!!!

  2. Beth Ann, Please pass on a birthday wish, to “Sissy”, from the me’s. j, jack, jake, etc. lol, and a spectacular day to you both.

  3. What a wonderful tribute to Paula! AND again I LOVED the gift you did for her. I’m sure she was thrilled and will be busy soon with her Cricut creating masterpieces. Looks like some pretty cool stuff in there and it certainly caught Buddy’s attention! Maybe he wants to join our Cricut group!
    Also noticed your little lamp in that picture again….love it! So perfect for you.

    • Thanks, Becky. i told her she should have waited to open it because she wanted to tear into it all and get busy when she had real “work” to do!!!

  4. Love the gift basket, card and the tribute to your sister. Happy Birthday to Paula a day early. Hugs, Diane

  5. Thank you, sissy! HUG HUG! (and, see you soon!)

  6. Happy birthday to your sister 🙂

    Buddy looks really serious with his inspection…I hope things worked out the way he wanted.

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