Chocolate, Ambulance Rides, Scents, Coffee and Tea, Please!

Meet Me on Monday Blog Hop

1.  If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? That is really a tough question!!!! One food???? I guess it would have to be…..wait for it……chocolate.  I love chocolate.  And no one ever said that it had to be a healthy food that you could totally live off of, did they???

2.  Do you write your blog posts in advance or the day you post them?

I normally write them the day I post.  Sometimes if I get too many ideas at once I will schedule it and sometimes I goof up and do a blog hop post, schedule it and then give the wrong link to the host blog which causes big problems to the host.  😦   So I usually try to just blog as I go.  But there are times when I do schedule one –especially if I know I am going to be pressed for time later and I know that I have something I want to share!

3.  Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?

Yes, twice.  Funny story the first time, not so funny the second time.   First time I was in college, had Biology at 8 am and ate breakfast afterwards.  I had been having headaches and the health center had given me Darvon (drug of choice back then) which I stupidly took on an empty stomach.   Went to class where we were doing blood typing that morning.  I remember Dr. Hoagstrom saying loudly—“If anyone has a problem with blood DO NOT DO THIS”.   Well, I did, but I did.   When I came to I was spread out on one of the benches outside the classroom with Dr. Hoagstrom leaning over me saying “Beth, Beth, Beth”.   They transported me by ambulance to the health center which was about 300 feet away… joke.   The thing I remember most vividly was that they pulled the sheet up over my head for some reason—-I mean it was the middle of winter in Ohio on the tundra but still….I kept trying to fight them and was saying “I am not dead!!!”   End of story—I was fine but had to convince them at the health center that I was just a dumb freshman. That didn’t really take that long.

Second time–much more drama—not going to go into it right now but suffice it to say—-I am meant to still be here on earth.   I came close, very close, but I guess I still had something to accomplish .  I am glad I got to see our boys grow up and glad that I actually got to have the second one and not check out after the first one.  I am blessed.

4.  What is your favorite candle scent? It changes but right now—-Chocolate Orange Chili Pepper by my favorite local artisan, Camille, at Soyphisticated Candles.  Wonderful!!!

5.  Coffee or tea? Both!!!  I love them both and there is a time and place for both!!!   I love my Keurig, I love fully brewed coffee and I love any kind of tea!!!

Just a small part of my teapot collection!!!!

Thanks for stopping in today!!!  I do appreciate it and love your comments!!! The month of April I will be trying to get a lot of comments as I am planning on making a donation to the National Parkinson Foundation at the end of the month based on how many comments I get on posts in April!!!  Feel free to leave a bunch!!!!

Thanks also to Java at Never Growing Old for hosting the blog hop and questions today!  Check out her blog—well worth dropping in!


  1. That candle sounds..interesting? I’d have to smell it but I have never heard of that combo. Happy Monday.

    • I know I know!!! Who would ever think of that many “flavors” together in one candle?? But it is yummy, trust me! I wish the internet had smellovision!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a great Monday!

  2. Hi, I’m visiting from Meet Me On Monday. Wow, that is one great teapot collection! I don’t collect teapots, but I appreciate looking at them. I have a Keurig as well, but we use it when someone just wants a single cup. I generally make a pot of coffee in the A.M. using fresh ground beans.

    • Hey Donna–thanks for stopping by!!! Great to meet you!!! I was thinking when I took that picture of my teapots that I should start posting a picture of my favorite teapot each week—it would take me all year to get through them!!! I love my Keurig but also usually use my Cuisinart Grind and Brew in the mornings!!! It is sitting right next to my Keurig so when you walk in my kitchen it looks like I have a coffee addiction!!! Have a great week!!!

  3. ryoko861 says:

    Oh, love my Keurig! The coffee that you brew with it is just the best!

    That candle scent is unique! I would never put those scents together!

    LOVE CHOCOLATE! Can’t eat it everyday though, it catches up to me at night.

    Came over from Java’s! Nice to meet you!

  4. Loved the post today. Funny…I just had a conversation with someone this morning concerning chocolate. I had told them if I had to have a last meal it had better be anything chocolate!!! I could TOTALLY live on it….once Lent is over. (AND I am counting the days and stocking my chocolate bunnies!) I am NOT a tea drinker, but I love your teapot collection and would love to see each one. I bet there is a story behind them, just like my churches. Blessings and hugs!

    • Okay i am thinking about starting a Tuesday Teapot post…..that would be an easy one to do and yep===you are right—most of them are like your churches and have a story!!! I actually saw an idea on a blog (oh if only I could remember where!) of using old teapots in a garden—kind of nestled amongst the flowers so if we ever get our landscaping figured out I might try that!!!

  5. I would absolutely love to smell that candle. Is there a website I can get them from?

    • Yep–she sure does have a website and if she doesn’t have that scent listed I bet you could ask her for it!!! She does tons of different scents so she changes them out all the time. My link thing is not working right but her website is so give her a try!!! She is a great lady!!!!

  6. Hi, I came accross your blog through Meet me on Monday and am now following. You can deff live off of chocolate! Well I would give it a go 🙂
    Love your collection of tea pots!
    Good luck with the collecting for Parkinson’s and look forward to reading more.

    • Hi Susan! Thanks so much for stopping by! I am so happy to have you join me!!! I think I could live off of chocolate, too, but since I am trying to lose a few extra pounds 😦 I am restricting myself! However I just found dark chocolate dipped Peeps!!!!! I have had a package sitting on my desk for an entire week so I think I am doing well!!! Thanks for the comments and come back anytime!

  7. I like your food choice! I love chocolate too but would choose a more filling food like pizza to eat every day–I already eat it 3 days a week.

    I am thankful I do not have any ambulance riding experiences. That would be scary! Both my parents have had ambulance rides though.

    • Now I think chocolate could be filling!!! Just gotta eat a lot of it!!! I can’t believe you eat pizza three day s week! That is incredible!!!

  8. Do you use your teapots or are they just for show? What a fun collection!
    Chocolate is a fine answer for favorite food. Up there in the top two for answers. I wish I had thought of that.

    • I do use my teapots—-but I must admit I have my favorites and kind of stick to those for “regular” serving. I have a few that have never had a pot brewed in them because they are more “decorative” and not really functional. But I love them. There are so many neat ones out there!!!Now I am all geared up to try to find some more…but oh where to put them…

  9. I love your teapot collection!

  10. That’s exactly why I went with the mac and cheese. Nobody said it had to be healthy lol. I also have one of those single cup deals but it didn’t come the specialized cups to use and I’m thinking I need to upgrade soon.

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