Sweet Awards, Ramses Horns and Warm Hats

What the heck?  What is going on here???  What kind of crazy title is that?  After a couple weeks of not doing much at all housewise we decided today was the day.  I hate disorganization and clutter and we are in the midst of both.  ARGHHHH!   But first--before I start on that rant let me tell you that my sweet blogger friend Bernie at One Mixed Bag gave me an award!!! Woo hoo! Because she was the recipient of said award it was up to her to pass it along to 5 more bloggers and she picked ME! … [Read more...]

Ah Come On–You Know You Love Animal Videos!!!

Happened upon this on Facebook the other day and just had to share! You know what that doggie wanted---just a nice ole' fashioned belly rub! Enjoy!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79FEeop7N7c&feature=player_embedded … [Read more...]