ABC News – Japan Earthquake: before and after

As the time passes I continue to be dismayed at the devastation in Japan.  At times it seems almost too much to bear.  Seeing the eyewitness accounts of those who have survived, who have seen loved ones swept away right before their eyes tears at my heart.  I can not begin to imagine the emotions that must be going through every single Japanese person’s soul.   it seems that it is more than one can bear.

One thing that I have noticed is that the Japanese people are calm and orderly in the face of disaster.  No where have I seen people fighting or grabbing in water or food lines.   No struggling to be first in the lines.  There always seems to be an orderly fashion in the way they conduct themselves and I am amazed that at the very depth of their souls they understand that each person is important and no one “deserves” to be in line first.  That is very impressive to me.  Very unlike other disasters where the pictures show folks scrabbling over water and food.


So I keep praying for these people, this country and know that God is there.  I make my donations however meager they are and hope that in some small way the Japanese people know that I care.  Below is a link to a great source of pictures of before and after.  Just slide the little bar to view the before and after pictures.  And join me as I continue to pray for this country and these folks.

ABC News – Japan Earthquake: before and after.




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