Blog Hop—Four Fill In Fun!

Found this blog hop after I posted the last post but somehow this did not seem to quite go with it so I am just submitting a separate post.  Thanks to Hillary at for the blog hop.  Check out her blog and join in!!! This week’s co-host is Jen from What Would Jen Do. She submitted the last two statements: This week’s statements: 1. I have got to be the worst _____ in the world 2. Although for the most part I love it, sometimes I wish I could just … [Read more...]

ABC News – Japan Earthquake: before and after

As the time passes I continue to be dismayed at the devastation in Japan.  At times it seems almost too much to bear.  Seeing the eyewitness accounts of those who have survived, who have seen loved ones swept away right before their eyes tears at my heart.  I can not begin to imagine the emotions that must be going through every single Japanese person's soul.   it seems that it is more than one can bear. One thing that I have noticed is that the Japanese people are calm and orderly in the … [Read more...]