World Poopin’ Day–March 13th–Making the World a Better Place One Movement at a Time

You read correctly!  In an effort to always try to be in the forefront of news I am bringing to you the fact that today is World Poopin' Day!  Thanks to a tweet by I found this out this morning after my last post about my Delta experience.  There is no law that says I can only have one post per day, is there?  This makes up for the days when I did not post something of significance!!! So what is World Poopin' Day?  According to the website : Poop is taboo let's change that … [Read more...]


  My letter of "complaint" to Delta: Message: 'The delay made me miss my connection even though I ran through the airport and they knew I was coming from a late flight. The plane was just pulling away from the door when I got there. Since it was the last flight of the day and a small plane I was a little upset that they could not wait 3 minutes for me. I had to spend the night in MSP and take a flight the next day which was NOT convenient for either me or my husband who was … [Read more...]