A lot happened while I slept last night—sad stuff and I wish it hadn’t happened.  The largest earthquake to hit Japan in recorded history occurred  and now the threat of aftershocks and tsunamis in Hawaii and the west coast.  The Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake was horrible and many lives were lost and there was so much damage.  Australia is still under flooding and in other parts of the world other things are happening and it just makes you wonder what all is going on with Mother Nature.   I guess I feel pretty isolated here in Iowa—-no earthquakes or flooding or natural disasters here at the moment but it does not lessen my concern for others who are affected by these horrible events.

It has been a kind of tough couple of days for me—got a few things going on that have me a little on edge but when something major like this happens in the world it kind of helps me to refocus and think about others instead of poor little me, you know?  My world seems very small at times.  I am so grateful for the technology that we have that allows us to have real time coverage of events all around the world.  It somehow makes things more real and helps me to focus on others and what is going on in their world rather than having a pity party for myself.   I am grateful for that.

So what do I do for those in Japan and those who will most likely lose homes and suffer injuries in the resulting tsunamis?? Pray.  Pray without ceasing for their safety and for the safety of their loved ones.  It is about all I can do at the moment but I take comfort in the fact that I have a faith that allows me to lift others up in prayer .   The world can be a scary place sometimes but today I pray that it is a little less scary for those in Japan and the other areas that are sure to be affected by the after effects of this earthquake.  God is there.



  1. I woke up to the news of the Earthquake and tsunami…too…so scary…immediate and constant prayers indeed! I found your blog thru Over 40 blog hop…I am from MN!

  2. Haha… I didn’t realize this was your blog…I was blindly reading it…I already follow you! Hi! Beth!

    • Haha!!! That is funny!!! I know I follow a ton of blogs don’t always keep up with all of them so I totally understand! Keep the prayers coming, that is what we all need to be doing! Thanks for hopping over!!!

  3. Hello! I´m here from Java´s.
    It is shocking the turn of events, isn´t it? I will be praying for those poor people in Japan too. Makes me even more thankful to be safe and sound.

    • Thanks for stopping by!!! It is so very shocking to wake up to such tragedy. Seems like it is never ending these days and every country has its problems. Praying for us all!!!

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