Have a Beach…Need a Dog

It’s true.  Beach walking = dog walking.  Whenever I am at the beach, no matter where it is, I have this incredible urge to own a big, lumbering dog.  The two just go together.  Dogs just are a natural fit on the beach.   I am sure it is a lot of work because then they have the whole sandy pawed thing to deal with when you get back to the house but hey—it just sounds like a great idea to have a dog.  But I don’t have one so I will just have to make do with walking with my best friend instead!  Not that I am calling her a dog!   Don’t get me wrong here!!!  Definitely not!!!   Just saying I would just as soon walk with my BFF!

So the trip began yesterday .  I had gotten the rental car in Raleigh on Sunday night and had wanted a midsize SUV for comfort —-the shuttle bus had broken down so there were like a zillion people all crammed onto one bus and once the doors opened it was like lemmings running for the edge of the cliff.  By the time I figured out what aisle I could choose from I ended up with little choice.  Sigh.  So I ended up with …wait for it…. a Dodge Nitro.  It is kind of a combination of a box on wheels and a Jeep wannabe.   And unfortunately it is a stripped down model.  NEXT time I will insist on one with cruise control.  I never drive without it on and this trip was a horrible challenge to keep a constant speed.  Poor Ann probably has whiplash from my acceleration and deceleration .

Ann next to our Chick Car

The unflattering car picture!!!

We had a couple stops on the way down but the trip went well and we finally made it.   I had to pry Ann away from one of the places we stopped at because she could not make up her mind if she wanted the Pandora’s box selection or the New and Amorous selection.  (Just Kidding)

So our room has a sweet balcony that overlooks the beach and it is wonderful!  So happy to be here.  So happy to have some time with a best friend.  So happy that I have a wonderful husband who lets me take off and do things like this while he slaves away at home working.  It does not go unnoticed, Chris.  Thank you!!!!

We settled in and since it was so windy and cold out we decided to just chill out at the hotel.  Two wild woman.   We aren’t.   Sorry but there will be no Girls Gone Wild pictures or crazy stuff posted here.  We hit up the hotel restaurant for dinner and  let me tell you this—-not quite the hopping scene that we had expected!   The odds would have been pretty good if we had been in the market as there were 2 of us and 2 men at the bar….I would have given Ann first choice if we had been in the market.  That’s just the kind of friend I am.  Our choices were…

Thing 1 and Thing 2


I had to discreetly take this on my phone so it did not really turn out very well but you get the idea.  Kind of slim pickings!  Good thing we were not looking!!!

So it is chilly but sunny so it should be a fun time here at old Surfside Beach!!!  So happy to be at the beach again.  If you have a dog I can borrow, give me a call !  I can take it for a walk!




  1. I have a dog you can borrow, but be warned, he’s a big old baby and not too fond of the ocean. He does, however, love the snow, so maybe he can come visit you next winter…LOL. Enjoy your time away.

  2. Beth Ann says:

    I would LOVE to borrow your dog!!! My cats would love it, I am sure!!!

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