Meet Me on Monday

Hop on over to the blog hop hosted by Java at Never Growing Old!   Love to get to know more about my fellow bloggers on Mondays!! Enjoy! 1.  What are you wearing right now? i am rocking the kitty jammies look this morning!  Crashed on Son Number 2's couch last night after flying in from an Ohio family weekend and am barely functional this morning.  No picture to add, trust me, you will be glad I did not post one! 2.  Do you have any freckles? Nope.  A couple chicken pox scars are … [Read more...]

Gotta Horse? Need Hay?

You know I like to keep my readers advised and help them out with the things that they need.  Well, should you need some hay here is the place to call!  I stumbled upon this truck on our recent trip to Texas and had to snap a quick pic because I thought it was such a clever name!!  I mean really!!!  You would not forget this would you?  Hey Hay!!!   I personally do not need any hay at this point but if in the future I do I will remember to call them at Hey Hay!   Kudos to this company for a … [Read more...]

Warning—Sad Picture Alert

Don't say I didn't warn you!   My brother, Mark, sent around a bunch of fish pictures last night.  He has an enviable job --is a wildlife biologist extraordinaire and lives his life among the fishes some days.   Yesterday  he sent a group of pictures around to the family, as promised, of some great specimens of fishies that he works with.  Surprised me by putting this sad looking fishy in the bunch with the following explanation: The "crying carp" is a dramatic example of a viral infection we … [Read more...]

Are Blogs Dying? Please Say It Isn’t So!

I just read this article in The New York Times saying that blogs are on the way out. Well, that isn't exactly what it said--you can read the entire article if you click on the link at the bottom of the page.  What it did say was that the younger set of folks who had blogged are turning to Facebook and Twitter as a means of getting their thoughts out rather than the typical blog.  Well, yea, that does not surprise me at all.  As a matter of fact I myself post my blog to both and probably get the … [Read more...]

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Sisters | Health Source Magazine

Great post by my friend, Virginia Pillsbury!!!   If you have a sister you will agree! Pass it on! Sisters | Health Source Magazine. … [Read more...]

Epic Food Fail

I pride myself in thinking that I am a fairly good cook.  Oh sure I had some failures as a teenager when I was learning to cook.  I mean I know my family will still remember Strawberry Rock and Banana Hunk but those were minor occurrences . But I moved on and felt that I had mastered cooking fairly well. That is until yesterday.   Oh sure I have my not so great looking dishes but for the most part they turn out well and taste good.  Hence the reason Chris and I are both watching our weight now,  … [Read more...]

And Winter Drags On and On and On and On and On

Gotta love the return to rotten weather.  At least I am trying to love the return to rotten weather!   After 9 days of sun and warmth in the wonderful state of Texas we are back in the thick of winter.  Ugh.  I am so over winter.  It seems to be dragging  on and on and on and on and on.  You get the point. I must say that we were very, very fortunate to get back from Texas in such good shape.  Our flight on Sunday was canceled but Delta was proactive and canceled it almost a whole day ahead … [Read more...]

‘New Zealand’s darkest day’: Quake kills dozens – World news – Asia-Pacific –

Praying for all involved.   Sad.  :-(   'New Zealand's darkest day': Quake kills dozens - World news - Asia-Pacific - … [Read more...]

Seaweed, Squid, and Succulent

Oh my goodness!  If you would have told me that I could fall in love again I would have denied it.  The hub is the only one for me. happened last night in Austin.  I fell in love.  Maybe not quite the same kind of love that I have for the man in my life but still it is love.  And if you had told me it would be with sushi I would have laughed in your face.  But it is true. Maybe my palate has become heightened in this whole weight consciousness thing or something---I don't know.  I … [Read more...]