Peanuts, Crackers and Memories

Thought you might need a peanut butter fix today……hence the above picture.  No….not really!!!  Chris came home from a trip last week and when he walked in the door he pulled these out of his pocket for me and said “Because I know how much it meant to you when your Daddy used to bring you home the peanuts from his trips” and laid down these little treasures!  Isn’t it funny how something simple like that can bring back a flood of memories???   Ahhhhhh….I was transported in time!

When I was growing up my Daddy would take the occasional trip.  Now those trips by plane may not have been that frequent but when he did he always made sure that he brought something back for the 4 kids.  Now I am not sure how he did it—-definitely would not happen in today’s airline travel world–but he managed to bring something back for each of us if I remember correctly.  And what did it usually end up being?  A packet of peanuts from the plane.   Whenever I see a packet of airline peanuts I am transported back in time to my childhood and those memories come flooding back.   And Chris knew that.  How on earth did THAT ever stick in his brain that it was a nice memory for me?  Well, it did and it was sweet of him to bring  back his goodies to me!

It is funny how those little memories bring back great emotion—I miss my Daddy every day and wish I could just share some of my daily life with him and ask hi questions.  Anyone who has lost a parent can understand that.  I am so fortunate that my mom is still living a full and wonderful life and that we have such a great relationship.  I do not take that for granted—I know many who do not have those same great childhood memories or relationships with their parents and it makes me sad for them.

But for today I am smiling, eating my peanuts and thinking about the happy memories of my Daddy and how much love there was in our house.   I know this isn’t a profound post today (when are they ever??? LOL) but it was on my heart!!!  May your day be filled with airline snacks and happy memories!


  1. Great post, Beth Ann. How sweet of your husband to think of bringing home the peanuts. Having lost my dad almost 18 years ago, I know how special the memories are. Hugs, Diane

  2. Yep, my husband is a sweetie for sure!!! My dad passed away in 1994—how could it be that long ago??? I know you know what I mean about the memories!!! Hope you have a blessed day!
    Beth Ann

  3. What a wonderful story! Isn’t it amazing how little gestures can mean so much? I’ve also lost both my parents, so I know how precious are memories are.

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