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Today is Follow Friday on Java’s Never Growing Old blog (thanks, Java!) and I love to get folks hopping over from the blog hop so if this is your first time here –WELCOME!

I thought about what I should write about today and I found this great website– —that is just one of the best places to hang out and spend some time.  You hear so much about all the negativity in the world and all the bad things but this place offers alternatives to all of the negativity that abounds in our world today!!!  I think we all need a dose of values, don’t you?

I think about when the boys were little and how we tried to instill good values by example and by talking to them about the right way to do things.  I remember one time in particular when Micah was about 3 and we were shopping.  He saw a silk flower on the floor (a poinsettia to be precise) that had come off a bigger plant.  He picked it up and wanted to take it home and I told him that it did not belong to him and that we needed to leave it on a shelf in the store so that the store could take care of it.  We got out to the car and yep–you guessed it—-i found that he had stuffed it in his pocket.  So we went back into the store and to the service desk to return it.  The young woman we talked to tried to tell me that it was fine–it was no big deal but I told her that it was a lesson—-if we did not let him know that it was wrong from a store that he did not pay for then he would think it was okay to take anything.  She understood what I was trying to do and agreed and the lesson was learned.

He does not remember that occasion but hopefully he remembers the value that was associated with that incident and I know that he has always valued honesty in others—-at least I remember him getting pretty upset when people were not honest with him later on in life.  I guess if there is one gift that I could give our children it was to try to give them values that would carry them through life.   I truly believe that is so important.

So when I found this website I was excited and it is a great place to browse around and spend some time.  You can sign up for daily emails and newsletters and view ads and commercials that will inspire you.  Values aren’t dead at all!   They are still there!!! Let’s pass em on!!

Click on the link below to go this fabulous website!!!

Inspirational Quotes – Motivational Quotes – Inspirational Stories | Values – Pass It On.


  1. How cute – I love that story. I have a similar one with my son. He found a Hot Wheels car someone had pulled from the package and thought it would be fine to stick it in his pocket (I think he was maybe 5). So yes, you gotta use those moments to teach important lessons.
    I’ll have to check out that site. Thanks for sharing it.
    Have a great weekend – be blessed 🙂

  2. Thanks, Debbie!!! Love the Hot Wheels story, too….Teachable moments are what is about!!! Hope you have a great weekend too!

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