Meet Me On Monday

Thanks to Java at Never Growing Old for the weekly Meet Me on Monday questions! Since I can never seem to get the linky to work no matter how hard I try (and how hard WordPress tries) make sure you check out her blog to see the rest of the days participants and visit their blogs! Great way to find some new great places to hop!!!


1. Do you like your ice cream in a dish, waffle cone, pretzel cone, sugar cone or cake cone?
Definitely in a dish! I love cones but am never able to not make a mess when eating one so I opt for the dish approach.

2. Do you read the newspaper daily?
I read several on line (New York Times, the local Globe Gazette, The Charlotte Observer and now we are getting the Wall Street Journal in print form so when the mail comes I read it, too!!! Can’t read enough news, I guess!

3. Marinara or meat sauce?
Marinara almost always!

4. Last time you cried?
Last week—-I lost 3 very good friends in the past few weeks and I allowed myself to wallow one day last week. An important part of the grieving process for me.

5. What word/phrase do you find really annoying?
Whatever. It is overused. It is on its way out. Whatever.


  1. Wow, your google profile sent me to your old site, so I commented there about how blessed you were to have a friend like Sally. Re your grief: it seems to hit in waves, doesn’t it. Praying that you heal soon and that God will lift your head gently. Thanks for your visit for MMonM and follow. following back. blessings on your day!

    • Thanks so much, Karen!!! I really appreciate your kind words!!! For some reason I cannot get my Word Press id to get validated so whenever I post something it takes you to my old blog. Oh well….. if you want to follow me all I have is the subscribe to email button on my blog at which if you put in your email address it will let you know when I make a new post. Thanks again for stopping by!!!!

  2. OOPS again! How do I follow?

  3. Hi,
    I’m a new follower from the Meet Me On Monday Blog Hop. If you get a minute, please stop by and read my answers and follow back.
    You and I chose the same phrase. My teenage daughter used to say that to me as she raised her hand like I was bothering her. I used to just wanna SCREAM!

    Have a super week,

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