Need a Laugh today?

So I was taking a cruise on the internet highway this morning which included watching some You Tube videos on using the Cricut (I learned a lot–perhaps I should have watched some of these earlier and saved myself some on the craft learning!) and happened upon some interesting websites.  The internet is kind of like tv—a lot of folks say there isn’t anything worthwhile and there is a lot of trash on it.  Well……I disagree.   There is a lot to enjoy out there and all it takes is a little searching!   Of course you have to be able to discern what is good to watch and what is not but hey—everyone has different tastes.  That is what makes the world so exciting!  We all are different!!!

Anyway, I found the following website which is sure to make you smile and maybe even laugh outright.  Just a word of caution…if you are watching this at work at you may want to make sure the boss isn’t around!!!  Let me know if you laugh!  Happy har har day!  Click below!


  1. My friend Google and I are always searching for fun and interesting internet stuff. Oh, by the way, yes, I laughed and thanks for that:) Diane

  2. Hey Diane–we have a friend in common! I sometimes I spend too much time with Google but hey—it fills those long cold Iowa winter nights! 🙂

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