Down With Comforters! Why the Duvet Should Give Way to the Blanket –

Dear Wall Street Journal,

While I enjoyed reading your recent article about Duvets and the latest trends in bedmaking styles I feel the need to disagree with your analysis of the duvet.  I LOVE the duvet!  You bashed it calling it lumpy, too hot and sloppy.   I have to voice my opinion on this as it is near and dear to my heart.  When we were in Australia we discovered and fell in love with the duvet.  While we normally did not need to stuff the cover with anything due to the intense heat and lack of air conditioning where we lived on Saunders Beach –we quickly became duvet converts.

Addressing the comments that it is sloppy and lumpy—-check out the photo of our bed with a duvet cover and down comforter—-I think you will agree that it does not look sloppy at all.  It looks lovely and inviting and welcoming!


As to the too hot issue—-well…….with my ever changing thermostat even a sheet could be too hot at times!   Just opt for a lighter comforter to stuff inside the cover and you have addressed that issue.  Not too hard, really!!!

Both of our boys have adopted the duvet lifestyle also and are pleased with their choice.  I think we are not alone in our love of the duvet.  It is practical.  Easy to use and yes–sometimes you have to be a little creative on getting the comforter stuffed into the duvet cover (especially if you have 2 felines helping) but it is all part of the experience!  Come on!  Relax and enjoy it!!!  The duvet cover makes it easy to change along with your decorating scheme—just buy a new cover and you are ready to go!!!

Please, Wall Street Journal, rethink your duvet bashing.   There are loyal followers out there.  Thank you.

Beth Ann

Down With Comforters! Why the Duvet Should Give Way to the Blanket –


  1. I completely agree.

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