Breakfast–China style

After Chris came back from his most recent trip to China of course I wanted to know all about the food he ate.  It is what I want to hear about.  So…..the thing that he liked the most was that they had rice for breakfast.   Chris is all about breakfast.  Just ask him.  So today he suggested we have Chinese breakfast—not sure that the rye toast (delicious, by the way, purchased from HyVee West)  was authentic but he walked me through making this delicious breakfast and even allowed me to photograph along the way…..

Rye toast and some scrambled eggs start us off…

Add some leftover reheated white rice (Chris said they did not really have fried rice—the white rice was the main deal–even had rice cookers in the offices)

Add some soy sauce and there you go—-good to go!   The soy sauce gives you the salt and seasoning and you can mix it all together.   Pretty yummy and a great alternative to hashbrowns or home fries.   And yes—I am still using my holiday plates—–they have snowflakes on them so I think I am good to use them until April or May when the snow disappears…..they are red, my favorite color, after all.

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