Spinning Wheels and Mr. Sandman

We recently left our car at the Mason City airport whilst we were in Ohio and North Carolina.  I suggested that we put a snow shovel in the back for our return home as I anticipated we would be snowed in.  You know how it is in parking lots—-snow plows plow your car in and since ours was going to be there 2 weeks i was positive that we would come back to a huge pile of snow and a buried car.   Well…..coming back to the airport took awhile due to a delayed flight which made us miss our connection out of Minneapolis but ….it all worked out for the best I think…

The car was not snowbound.  It was ice bound.   Warming temperatures and an uneven parking lot made an easy get away impossible.   Our car was mired in a lake of ice.   Sigh.   Chris put the snow shovel into whacking/ ice thumping mode , I got in and gave it the gas and just was spinning and spinning.  Enter Mr. Sandman….our local airport helper…….a couple of well places scoops under each wheel and we finally made it out of the miry lake that held us fast.  Thanks to him and to being able to actually fly in during the light (if we had made the connection we would have been there at 11 pm) we managed to make it out alive.

Oh, and by the way—Mr. Sandman told us the parking lot is due to be redone this summer……not a moment too soon!  Enjoy the pics!


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