Go With the Flow!

Plans change sometimes! I am learning to be more flexible in my “old” age. Used to be if something did not get done –if I had imposed a deadline on myself for something…say getting my Christmas letters written and mailed—I would stress until it was done. Not anymore. This is the new improved Beth Ann. I am learning that those self imposed deadlines aren’t always going to happen and that it is okay if they don’t! When I was in the paid work environment it was a different story of course. I HAD to get stuff done and it works best for me to have those deadlines laid out so I can plan things out. But these days when my time is basically my own I find that I am learning to go with the flow a little bit more.

Yesterday I had planned to go to the outlet mall to pick up a few last minute things for stockings. Not anything that I had to do but just kind of wanted to get out of the house and break up the long week. But…..Mother Nature had different plans. Freezing rain and grossness awaited me when it was time to leave and I ditched that plan. Now I must admit it took me about an hour to make that decision but I did it. And instead I took the day and baked. Another thing that I wanted to do and had already started a bit. So that is what I did. In between chasing a squirrel out of the feeders, playing with the kitties and salting the sidewalks and driveways I came away with 10 kinds of cookies made so far. Still have more to do but have a bunch knocked out.

My house smells lovely, the shopping is on for today and the valuable lesson learned is that I can put off till tomorrow what I was supposed to do today and it is all good! Hope this finds you all enjoying a lovely day of Christmas cheer and love!!! And take some time to go with the flow and enjoy the day for what it can offer you!



  1. Oh, I am the same way. I’ve learned that the best laid plans don’t always get laid out. Screws my routine up, but I’ve learned over the years to let it go. It’ll get done eventually.

    Came over from “Over 40 Bloggers”. Nice to meet you!

    • Good to have you stop by!! And yes—-I am chilling out as I get older! I did manage to get the Christmas card labels printed last night—wasn’t sure if I could figure out the mail merge thing from Excel since this year I have a Mac but I did it!!! And was not stressed at all about it! Yippee!!!

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