The Most Wonderful Time of the Year—Baking Time!



So it is my FAVORITE time of the year!  Christmas cookie baking time!!! Woo hoo!!!   I think that one of the best things that my mom gave me was a love of baking cookies at Christmas!!!  I remember looking forward to it every year as I was growing up.  She had her favorite recipes—springerle, pfeffernuesse, and of course the favorite sugar cookies that we spent hours decorating!!!   I remember how much fun the 4 of us kids had decorating and then eating those delectable creations.   And of course cookies were then given away as gifts—plates of cookies to the newspaper deliverer, the mailman and friends.   So over the years I have continued that tradition.  And today I start!!!

Over the years I have tried many different variations of recipes and have about a dozen that I make every year.  Now that our house is empty I know that I need to bridle in this passion and downsize but I just can’t!!!  So…I will bake and bake and bake and give away as much as I can.  Problem is I don’t have that many friends here that I am close enough to give cookies to!!!  I have given to the neighbors every year I have been here but we have a small cul de sac……and this year we are flying home for Christmas so won’t have the luxury of driving a car with lots of room.  Oh what shall I do with all of those extras????

Will keep you posted on the baking progress as I am sure you are all interested but let me know what I should do with the extras—I know you have some ideas.   But for now I must go use the elliptical—a pro-active step in the cookie baking adventure!

Check out the link below for a great place to find some of your favorite cookie recipes!!!
 – hundreds of Christmas cookie recipes.


  1. Extras to Care Centers or homeless Shelters….or a box to the soldiers..even though they won’t get them before the holidays.

    • Yep—was planning on taking a bunch to the care center where my hospice lady is and I am sure I can get rid of them if I try hard enough!!! Thanks for the suggestions!

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