Alzheimer’s Therapy Focuses on Care –

This is an awesome article about some places that are doing some interesting and non conventional things in Alzheimer care. Worth a read if you have a loved one who has Alzheimers. Alzheimer’s Therapy Focuses on Care - … [Read more...]

Birds, Boats and Barf?

                              The internet is not cooperating with me here at the Wilmington Oasis so my pictures are not in the normal slide show view nor are they spaced out right.  Sorry about that!!! Gonna switch to My Wi pretty soon because the spinning wheel of death is killing me here!!!   Anyway, you get … [Read more...]

Wilmington Oasis

We are really enjoying being in Wilmington!  It is a tad brisk outside still but lovely and the SUN IS OUT!!! I repeat--THE SUN IS OUT!!!  We did not see the sun in Ohio other than about 10 minutes I think so it was simply lovely to be able to see it all the time even if it is a bit nippy!!!   We have enjoyed some great food already at The Dixie Grill and The Pilot House and I also had a lovely breakfast with a long time friend at the Causeway Cafe in Wrightsville Beach.  Eating our way through … [Read more...]

Waking up in Wilmington

How wonderful it is to be able to take a few days before we go back to the cold and snow of Iowa.  But wait----there IS snow in North Carolina still!  It was rather odd to fly into Raleigh and see all of the snow on the ground, to try to navigate the tiny streets of Brier Creek with snow and ice still all over the road!  But hopefully it will all be gone in a couple of days!   There is supposedly a warming trend coming so hopefully we will be in the 60's by the end of the week which will be … [Read more...]

I LOVE Small Town newspapers!

So whilst browsing through the Ashland Times-Gazette this morning I noted the following items in the Police Blotter: "The City Police Department received a a report last week that  a bag of trail mix was stolen from a vehicle. In other breaking news last week, a car vs. shopping cart crash was reported in the Walmart parking lot.  Security videos were reviewed to determine the at-fault party. A man called police to report that he had been carded at Bullshooters even though he has gone … [Read more...]

We Are a Photogenic Family!

A variety of pictures of the families!!!   … [Read more...]

Best Son

I love my son Micah the most. Micah > Aaron … [Read more...]

To Celebrate the Day!

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Merry Christmas to All!

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Silent Monks–Hallelujah Chorus

Hard to top the last Christmas video I posted but this one comes pretty close!  My favorite song depicted by the Silent Monks!!!  Enjoy! … [Read more...]